Jon and Cathy Best Wishes!

Congratulations to Jon and Cathy for the very nice and organized wedding yesterday! From the emotional entrance of the bride, to the Da Capo angelic music in the Church, and the flawless wedding flow organized by Christine Ong-Te Events.

We also love the Jason Magbanua Wedding Video, the Wedding Games and remarkable Best Man Speech from Don.

Congratulations and Best Wishes in your new life in New York!


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

11 thoughts on “Jon and Cathy Best Wishes!

  1. wow….an example of a modern day state of the art typical filipino catholic weddings….beautiful but dont get me wrong i always ‘adore’ a typical filipiniana wedding coz the old filipino traditional style weddings has so much hand works & national pride involved in it…. a ‘genuine’ filipiniana weddings are almost a 100% handcraftmanships handworks from the hand weavings of all antique color materials to all it’s hand embroideries in antique threads sometimes if lucky we can also get pastel color threads to kill the monotony of an antique traditional looks adding those hand picks flowers from the wilds from the family gardens and town folks fiesta type food presentations prepared months if not days ahead all hand prepared from deboning bangus fish to imbutido to emptying the roast pig to lechon to all lumpiang sariwa fresh from tatang & nanang bakuran harvests etc.etc.etc.i just love it lol….

  2. Lucky bastard. Must’ve been one hell of struggle trying to keep your eyes off the bride’s lovely pair.
    As for you gmma, quit munching on Prozac by the spoonful and washing it down with espresso. It’s got your thought patterns going apeshit.

  3. sounds like a heavy knowledgeable possible drug dealer or maybe member of organized crimes taking a shot on gmma publicly kinda interesting but i agree this is an state of the art typical christian catholic filipino grand wedding & nothing wrong with ‘acknowledging’ one’s preferences publicly lalo na pag filipino traditional cultures ang pag uusapan eh filipino naman yata itong nasa pictures so it cannot be ‘apeshits’ kasi sila mismo eh filipino din lol

  4. I was there in the wedding. It was actually a Filipino-Chinese wedding (both the bride and groom are pure Chinese) and they served the typical multi-course Chinese banquet. I lost count how many exactly. I stopped eating after the 5th dish!
    It is interesting though that you can still see elements/influences of Filipino culture in the wedding.

  5. viewer above mine.. do you mean philippines all filipinos should thanks DEX for making bringing up or for stating a point that gmma comment is an hallucinations & an apeshit because the obvious couples here are wealthy & are pure chinese NOT filipinos? sounds harsh to me considering gmma is simply just showing other sides of the coins about weddings{other local ideas} i saw the word wow & beautiful on this wedding in the comment of gmma or taking a shot on somebody could mean ‘damages’ as a whole maybe? lol

  6. the ones we experienced on traditional pure chinese weddings has red colors more red colors not like the ones in this picture traditional chinese weddimgs do not wear barong tagalogs or traditional pearl beaded rhine stones modern ‘strapless’ wedding gowns{in this particular cut}european suits european silk ties water in a traditional european design glass or typical european ambiances but typical grand filipino weddings has all these coz of european hispanic-american colonizations of the philippines centuries ago plus serving chinese food in christian weddings in the philippines are a common practice coz most filipinos has chinese ‘blood’and yes this wedding is quite extravagant luxurious and has a beautiful bride & guests

  7. i wonder what’s behind the real colors of dex & TPS throwing ideas ‘publicly’ of illegal drug used on someone who doesnt have drug prescriptions to take some PROZAC DRUGS & throwing insunuations that an OAP viewer’s mind is an APESHIT is uncalled for coz this is not a site for ‘winning’ an answers & questions portions this site is NOT about an intelligent quizzes contest where you need to give the absolute ‘specifics’ to win any contest or some prizes they only asked for a comment NOT yours but ours ‘individually’ coz views from cohoersions is not a sign of a ‘free’ society but oppressed suppressed societies and TPS NOT knowing which comments are the REAL SPAM to be considered is way beyond dex named viewer’s dark colors when described the groom & bride here as LUCKY BASTARD..ONE HELL & DARING ENOUGH to point
    the BRIDE’S LOVELY PAIR? meaning the bride’s set of breast thank god he did not add what’s in it as in set of raisins in those smaller cup but bigger breast size that looks like it is about to fall off from the cups{just need to describe based on photo shown-explain nothing personnal}now why dex’s comments are not spam dahil yung mga may viewers o mga filipino karamihan di marunong mag translate ng english sa tagalog so ignorances of those who doesnt know how to translate english to local dialects are not considered as ‘sensitive’ viewers lol what a way of educating us & pointing to us which way we should look to comments not on gmma but to the bastard one hell & those bride’s’lovely pair’lol

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