Don’t Travel to Pagudpud Without Reading this First!

Instead of developing a frequently asked question (FAQ) in my Our Awesome Planet blog, I decided to create a dedicated online travel guide for each awesome places in the Philippines.
…In fact, I already did most of the research for you and I distill the information on what are the essentials and the awesome places to go to.
… Most of the information in this guide, is based on my own experience which I’ve documented in my blog, including:

Stopover Surprises in your 14-hour Road Trip

If this was your first time to go on a long road trip to the North, this article will save you a lot of time in being prepared for your roadtrip.
… On the way to Pagudpud, I would suggest that you stopover and stay for a night and take advantage of exploring one city in the North.
… If you are going on convoy, I suggest that you agree on a meeting/ end point because it is useless to go on a convoy like a parade in this northern part of the Philippines.

8 Awesome Places of Ilocos Norte

These places are simply AWESOME and you should never miss to visit them on your trip to Pagudpud. … You should be able to arrange your itinerary to go to the places that interest you the most.
… Marcos Museum & Mausoleum – The embalmed body of Ferdinand Marcos (1917-89) is laid out on a mattress and lit by floodlights with eerie choral music as the background.

Where to Stay and Eat in Pagudpud?

If your intent is to just use the room to sleep and take a bath, then don’t spend too much money on getting a high end resort.
…We also stayed in Saud Beach report which is the high-end resort in Saud Beach owned by the Mayor and we decided to just stay and enjoy Saud at that time so it was worth it.
…If you are on a budget, canvass your way from the different resorts in the rocky-shore west end of Saud Beach.

Pasalubong and Delicacies from the North

I recommend eating dinner in Dap-Ayan ti iLocos Norte food court which is located just near the Provincial Capitol building.
…It is a mixture of ground glutinous rice, eggs, cheese or margarine, milk and sugar which is cooked in an oven at a high temperature for 30-35 minutes.
…Garlic – Make sure that you buy your amulet of garlic which are available at a cheap price in the Laoag market.

The Need for Speed in City Kart

Last September, I already treated my team to a City Kart racing session and that is why we know that it would be a memorable event. … Their lap times will be the basis for creating the group and we want to make sure that each group has a mix of fast and slow racers.
…The good thing about this endurance race was that you can actually feel like a F1 racer because of the complete costumes, the fast + safe racing karts, and even pole positioning to start the race.

Shawarma Center – Malate’s Mediterranean Favorite

I love Mediterranean food specially the authentic ones which gives you a different and unique taste aside from the filipinized mid-east food you find in the malls.
…The Menu Soup and Appetizers Seafood and Meat from the grill, Cooked Dishes Pressure Cooker Dishes, Rice and Drinks Shee Sha Flavors Tea, Coffee and Sweets All of their dishes are served with this thick kind of arabic bread. … This is a one way street so just follow Mabini street and after the Hyatt stop light intersection, you have to turn left along Salas street.

Eating Turtle, a slice of Snake and a Water Bug in Guangzhou, China

The pictures are disgusting but I wanted to blog about this to serve as a blog memory for me on my exotic adventures in Guangzhou, China. … But still, every time I look at the picture above, I want to throw up and I can’t imagine eating these disgusting snakes.
…Later on, I found out from a friend that the proper way to eat this is by removing the head with the spine and the little legs and wings.

“The Good Body”, Review

Don’t get me wrong… the entire show was very entertaining from the moment Pinky Amador started her monologue and showed her belly button to Eve’s last entry #18 in her diary about Afghan Women eating ice cream illegally.
…I originally thought it was all about women’s obsession on her stomach but it attacks issues on women’s obsession in conforming to society’s standard of beauty defined by a slim and young body.
… Now, this is where I can’t relate: why women around the world have been “programmed” to hate their body for what it is and always strive to make it a “good body” as defined by society.