Som’s Noodle House – cheap authentic version of SukhoThai

I’ve decided to check out Som’s Noddle House instead of going to the World’s longest dinner buffet in Eastwood ( and the World’s most unsatisfied guests – I’m glad 🙂 Then, the next day, I also checked out SukhoThai in Megamall which is one of our favorites but we heard that it will be closing shop soon (hopefully just a rumor).
…Of course, I would think there would be a difference if you eat in the morning or if you eat at night in Som’s Noddle House since you might get the freshness of cooked food during lunch.
…I like them both but the Som’s curry is home made and if not for my sore throat I would order the chili one which I heard is really chili 🙂 My wife likes the SukhoThai version better while the Som’s taste was forgettable.

Taal Vista Hotel Reinvented — Amazing!

This was the last place in Tagaytay that I don’t want to be seen in and for decades, this has been off my travel destination or even culinary adventure place.
…It is a joint project of Paolo Alcazaren and Felix Mago Miguel. the 26ft x 8ft mural is located at the Hotel’s Foyer.” (quote: Via Fuego Magazine vol.
… Amazing pool and the blue color just entices you to jump from your hotel room 🙂 If not for the cold weather and the feeling that the pool is out in the open with hotel guests seeing you as they walk along the corridor — I would have tried this out.

Bak Kuh Teh – My New Singaporean Dish Favorite

Now, this is a local favorite that you don’t hear a lot among tourists which only knows Hainanese Chicken Rice as the only Singaporean food out there.
…We ended up in hawker place along a street and we’re soo curious about bak kuh teh that we don’t mind eating in this ambiance. … The Bak Kuh Teh is really a winner and the pork ribs broth was sooo delicious that all of us in the table who was from Thailand, Australia and the Philippines loved it!

My Singapore Adventures 1: Are you a Chili Crab or Pepper Crab lover?

The JUMBO chili crab has always been a winner over the JUMBO pepper crab because of its rich yummy sauce with fried or steam buns! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re missing on one of the culinary adventures of your life.
…The problem with having photography as your hobby is the fact that people will leverage your hobby during meetings and ask you to be THE official photographer.

Singapore Travel Hacks!

I spent some time looking for it, but finally I was able to find the two retail outlet: one in basement 2 of Takashimaya where the Cold Storage is located; the other one is in Tower 3 in front of Carrefour. … NOTE: The nama chocolates is packed with dry ice that is good for 5 hours so you need to put it in the ref in your hotel and in the airplane, you could ask the stewardess to store it for you in a cold place.
…This hack is a little complicated, but if you are the type of traveller who want to watch movies in your cable and you don’t agree with the price of one movie (S$16 + gst), you can try this out.