[BigBinondoBowl2] Culinary Secrets of Binondo!

I always knew that Binondo has a lot to offer aside from the all time favorite Eng Bee Tin Hopia stop, or eating in the exotic Estero, or grabing a quick chinese fix from your chinese fast food chain like tasty dumpling or the usual President chinese meal.
…A modest storefront with just a few packages of tablea on display in their glass stand leads to a back room where the freshly roasted cacao beans brought in from Davao are ground up fine and cooked into a thick chocolate paste that is then dried on flat baskets stacked high. … Hole-in-the-wall “Fresh” Dumpling Restaurant (Voted as the best stop of the tour) Don’t be deceived by this unassuming 4 table restaurant from what Ivan calls BS chinese (bagong salta — new breed of chinese that came over in the Philippines).

[BigBinondoBowl1] The Mystery of Binondo…

Ever since I was a kid, my mom used to bring me to Escolta during her PNB days and I’ve never understood and get to appreciate what Chinatown really is. … Thank you to Ivan ManDy, the self proclaimed Street Walker in Old Manila , who passionately organized the Big Binondo Bowl walking tours to show people what Binondo really is. … I was always afraid to bring my huge camera with me in Binondo but during the tour, I really took the opportunity to shoot and shoot.

What is the Best Buko Pie in the Philippines?


So my friend Lui and I decided to buy all the best buko pie in their main branch in San Pablo and in Los Banos, and decide for ourselves based on four criteria: Buko Taste — 4pts Yumminess — 2pts Delicious Crust — 2pts Overall Presentation — 2pts Total: 10 pts scale.
…Although, worth mentioning is El Mare who topped our blind taste test with friends who have a sweet tooth — indeed this is the people’s choice 🙂 Well, as for Colette’s, I should say it is well distributed 🙂 So which one is the best for you? … If you like your buko pie that taste perfect with a combination of right buko, perfect filing, and delicious crust then this is for you 🙂 The box is great as pasalubong to love ones.

[Los Angeles vs. Manila #3] Porto’s Cheese Roll

I still can remember a couple of years ago when eating a carbo-loaded krispy kreme donut is a cool thing when you visit the US. … Porto’s Bakery is a cuban family-owned and operated business that has served Glendale and its surrounding areas for over 35 years and they recently opened a beautiful new store in Burbank. One could argue that Becky’s or Conti’s taste a lot better, but the I’ve never tasted a cheeseroll as delicious as porto’s.

[Los Angeles vs. Manila #2] Hollywood’s famous Pink’s Hot Dog

This is one of the famous must-eat destination in LA, and I was extremely curious why a chili dog can be this famous for 66 years! … In the Philippines, we don’t really have something equivalent to this and Ogie Doggie would be the closest but far from the heritage that Pink’s hotdog built over the years.
…There is normally a long line in front of this hotdog place and you really have to drive to this place because it is out-of-the-way.

[Los Angeles vs. Manila #1] Inn of the Seventh Ray! Creekside Dining

The Inn of the Seventh Ray is L.A.’s most romantic restaurant and in fact, when we were eating on a Saturday Lunch, there was an engagement proposal with the beautiful setting — 12 red roses bouquet, a carpet of petals and dining beside Mother’s flow ( in other words, creekside :). … ) Let me pause for a bit here before we go to the rest of the review, it just occurred to me how lucky the Philippines is with the kind of world-class nature inspired restaurants that we have and I can already count seven easily…
…If you haven’t figure out by now, the seventh ray is violet and the philosophy is embodied in this description: “We, at the Inn, believe in giving you the purest of Nature’s foods, energized as a gift from the sun with a dash of esoteric food knowledge and ancient mystery school wisdom tossed in for your seasoning and pleasure.

[ Playa Calatagan #5] a Manos Greek Tavern Dinner

The first time, I saw Manos Greek Taverna with its inviting blue and white structure, I hesitated to try it out because of the fear of being disappointed with a Filipino-style Greek cuisine similar to Mati in Rockwell.
…Although, it looks like a canteen atmosphere inside, I would give credit to Manos for putting in the effort to give his guests a greek ambiance by posting pictures of Crete and other greek designs. … It tasted like beef omelet with vegetables and potato but the ingredients blended very well to give you a unique taste that you’ll surely go back for more.

Sugarnot!’s Last Temptation


The sad news is, the taste needs a lot of getting use to and there are no crowd every time I pass by this place. So I’m worried that this might not survive specially in the Philippine’s high-carb diet scene.
…Undoubtedly it looks good, but the taste should be acquired for these sugar-free cakes and it is sadly, forgettable.

Great Crepe Wrap but Lousy Photos


I must admit that Crepes & Cream will surely become a dessert destination from now on in The Fort (There is also a store in the ground floor, The Podium in Ortigas). … ” Although, I would say that the photos in their main advertisement above well lacks the artistic touch — people bowing their heads, looking at the ice cream, or it lacked that authentic look of “I love crepes & cream”.
…There is a wide assortment of crepe not only the Sweet Crepes, but also Savoury Crepes, Cake Crepes and other desserts (Sundaes, Milkshakes, Beverages, and Ice Cream).

Queens: Best Indian/Fusion Food I Tasted in a Long Time!

When Queens opened along Jupiter St. in Makati, there was a lot of buzz about how great the food and a bit on the pricey side.
…The service was excellent and the best part was this was a treat from Viv and Marge (so we were not privy to how much the entire dinner costs). Overall, if you have not tasted this yet, schedule that special christmas dinner reunion in this place 🙂 MORE INFORMATION: 146-B Jupiter Street Makati City 1209 Philippines www.queens.com.ph Tel# 895-1316 Mobile# 0917-8113368 queens_rest@hotmail.com