The Legend Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant

Although if you are tired of always eating at Gloria Maris or Emerald Garden for that special occasion, maybe you might want to try out the new Legend Hongkong Seafood Restaurant in Boom na Boom complex in CCP. … I’ll tell you that they are a great critique about chinese food (they know what good chinese food is) and they can certify that the food was cooked by what my father-in-law calls as a Hongkong Boy 🙂 Overall if you are looking for a good cantonese Hongkong-style chinese food, your budget is P300/head and you are escaping the madness in Mall of Asia, then it is worth to try out The Legend Hongkong Seafood Restaurant in CCP.
…:) By the way, my wife saw one of her relatives eating in this place also and it is a good sign that this is a good chinese restaurant.

[BigBinondoBowl2] Culinary Secrets of Binondo!

I always knew that Binondo has a lot to offer aside from the all time favorite Eng Bee Tin Hopia stop, or eating in the exotic Estero, or grabing a quick chinese fix from your chinese fast food chain like tasty dumpling or the usual President chinese meal.
…A modest storefront with just a few packages of tablea on display in their glass stand leads to a back room where the freshly roasted cacao beans brought in from Davao are ground up fine and cooked into a thick chocolate paste that is then dried on flat baskets stacked high. … Hole-in-the-wall “Fresh” Dumpling Restaurant (Voted as the best stop of the tour) Don’t be deceived by this unassuming 4 table restaurant from what Ivan calls BS chinese (bagong salta — new breed of chinese that came over in the Philippines).

[BigBinondoBowl1] The Mystery of Binondo…

Ever since I was a kid, my mom used to bring me to Escolta during her PNB days and I’ve never understood and get to appreciate what Chinatown really is. … Thank you to Ivan ManDy, the self proclaimed Street Walker in Old Manila , who passionately organized the Big Binondo Bowl walking tours to show people what Binondo really is. … I was always afraid to bring my huge camera with me in Binondo but during the tour, I really took the opportunity to shoot and shoot.