Van Gogh is Bipolar, Are You?

When somebody says to you, “I’m bipolar,” what would you say? I was taken aback the first time I heard it because I thought being bipolar meant the person likes both sexes. But I was mistaken. Bipolar, apparently, is a description of a person who has a Manic Depressive Illness — someone who feels very … Continue reading Van Gogh is Bipolar, Are You?

6404 Camia – The Secret Chinese Restaurant

I got lost when I first came here. There were no signs outside because it’s just a simple house converted into a restaurant. Ivan Henares introduced us to this place through his blog post entitled, Manila: You Jie Xiao Chao Chinese restaurant near Rockwell.

Marcia Adams’ Tuscany

On New Year’s eve, we decided to escape the noise and pollution of Manila and spent it in Tagaytay. We had an afternoon merienda in one of Tagaytay’s latest garden restaurants — Marcia Adams’ Tuscany. We’d like to credit this discovery to Metro Magazine, which featured this place in its November issue. Ever since that … Continue reading Marcia Adams’ Tuscany

Top 5 Awesome Travel Experiences in 2010!

(I’m finalizing this article to be published in EYP. Please provide comments and feedback, please. 🙂 ) The Philippines is starting to be discovered not only by foreigners but by our local tourists, thanks to the availability of cheaper flights and more bargain options for local travelers. I believe that the upswing in local tourism … Continue reading Top 5 Awesome Travel Experiences in 2010!

Our Awesome Planet in 2010 and Beyond

An Awesome 2010 to OAP Friends! 🙂 We had a great Holiday Season, especially since my brother and his family from the US were on vacation, so we went on back-to-back trips. OAP is now 5 years strong. 🙂 Thank you for the continued support and for joining us in our food and travel adventures. My … Continue reading Our Awesome Planet in 2010 and Beyond