A memorable dinner @ La Cocina de Tita Moning


LacocinamenudescAWESOME! for special dinner and events in your life (i.e. wedding anniversaries, birthday celebrations, etc.) . In the league of theme restaurants with great food like Chef Lautico in Urdaneta, Antonio’s in Tagaytay.

La cocina is the best
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I must admit that I have mixed feelings going into La Cocina that evening. First, I was excited that after 4 years that the restaurant is in operation, we finally found an occasion to celebrate in this fine dining place and at the same time, a financer (my momsy or my balikbayan brobo) to pay for the bill (approx. P2,000/head). However, I’ve also received alot of feedback from friends who tried it that the food was not the great for the price and it is too hot because there are no electric fans to conform to the old house theme. Surprisingly, La Cocina exceeded everyone’s expectations and we had a great time celebrating my brother Rommel’s 29th birthday (Jan. 5) and his girlfriend Jinky’s birthday (Jan. 4).[ see more pictures @ Rommel’s Birthday in La Cocina de Tita Monings ]

8 Tips for an awesome dining experience in Tita Moning
1). The Tita Moning’s Bread Pudding is the best! Its like milk bread leche plan that melts in your mouth. You should save space for this wonderful dessert.
2). For wine lovers, it would be best just to bring your own bottle and pay a corkage fee of P300 versus a house wine that would costs P700. In this way, you could also choose the best wine for the event.
3). For healthy eaters, I would recommend the Whole baked Lapu-Lapu and the sauteed fresh vegetables. My mom likes it alot and it is one of Tita Morning’s signature dish!
4). We got mixed reviews on the Seafood Paella. They say it is one of the best sellers and best in town (?) so try it out for yourself if you are a paella lover. Morever, the paella that we ordered which was suppose to be good for 6, was too much for the family. I’m glad that they would allow us to take home the food.
Lacocinamenu_15). Don’t eat too much bread at the start or when you are eating your soup. The staff is hospitable and they are trained to put bread on your empty bread plate. So watch out for it, and make sure you have room for the bread pudding.
6). Remember to inform them if there is a birthday occasion so that they can prepare a cake for the celebrant for free! Learn from our mistakes.
7). Don’t forget your camera and miss the photo opportunity. The tour of the old manila house is very interesting , I like the living room, dining room and the dressing room areas filled with alot of family pictures, antique artifacts, and china wares.
8). A tip by Aling Tining, just make sure that you don’t eat there at the same time that the president is dining because there would be alot of security guards that could cause tension in the area.

More Information:
La Cocina Website
Telephone Number: (632) 734-2141, 734-2146
Mobile #: (63917) 538-3490
Address: 315 San Rafael Street, San Miguel, Manila Philippines

16 thoughts on “A memorable dinner @ La Cocina de Tita Moning

  1. Wow, I wish I would be able to travel the way you and your family traveled. I am amaze with the places you discovered and be able to visit. Your blog is so great that I wasn’t able to finish all the things that I need to do here in the office…. I just read and read all of you and your families adventure. Good luck to you and I hope that there will be more children to come!!!!

  2. Thank you Belle for the appreciation. I was surprised to get a comment from one of my January posts. I was amazed that you were able to read through the adventures ๐Ÿ™‚ It actually gets me excited to explore some more…
    Alot more adventures to come. Drop me a note once in a while. Thanks!

  3. Bro!
    Tita Moning is in the Sunday Market at Legaspi Park.
    You may want to check it out!
    PS. I hope you got us a cashflow 101 board game. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Gotta try this one! We live near this resto. Thanks fo the info. Keep it up! Can i add to your list? my number 11 would be the Jollijeeps in makati. Though it’s not right for your category; fine dining and dating restaurants. Hehehe!

  5. Yeah this one was good too. My mahal and I had a good time here at Tita Moning’s , a unique experinece indeed, though we like Antonio’s better. Thanks for featuring all the good eats back home.
    We won’t wont forget Tita Moning’s because we had the funniest, unforgettable experience getting there, hahaha.

  6. I had tasted their Bread pudding and bought it at Mall of Asia. It was really good but a bit expensive for a small piece. There was no stock of the one with cashew on it when we went there!

  7. Dear Sirs, our company is looking for a very talented carver/artist to work for us in the USA. We will provide air transportation, room and board and full time salary. Please contact Ian Campo as soon as possible.
    Thanks you.

  8. hi anton. remember me?
    wow, i think the last time we had contact was two years ago. i was looking for tita monings website and voila, ikaw na naman. everytime i check out places to go, your site comes up, meaning you do go everywhere. your blog helps a lot. anyway, do you have any suggestions for valentines? last year our group went to verbena…..hope to hear from you…….. hazel from los banos

  9. Hi Anton!
    My boyfriend and I went to Tita Moning’s for our first anniversary just last November 7. It was the best! The tour, the dining experience, the food, the doting staff. Everything about Tita Moning’s is great! It was his surprise for me. Good thing my boyfriend called the resto and said it was our anniversary so the staff gave us a special cake and our table was even adorned with rose petals! The staff just added rose petals to the other tables so that they will not be left out. Hehehe. My boyfriend even arranged to have the staff buy the flowers for me. Everything was arranged by the staff. Tita Tining, Edel and Monica are three important people you must look for when you go there. Dinner at Tita Moning’s made our day very special. The lamb shanks with mashed potatoes and the lengua are my pick! My boyfriend loves the vegetables! Oh and I love the bread pudding! It melts in your mouth! And I must say, I love the wedding gown in the dressing room! They even took pictures of their guests that night because they will put it up in their website. La Cocina de Tita Moning’s is a must-try restaurant… : )

  10. Hi Anton,
    Just got back from Manila. Thanks to this blog I was able to make lunch reservations at La Cocina. We were the only guests. It was truly a unique experience. The staff members (dressed in maids’ uniforms) were very hospitable and gracious. When we got there we were served delicious ice cold tea and little pieces of toast with quezo de bola spread (heavenly!)in the living room. The quezo de bola spread is sold in the little store on the ground floor.
    When the rest of the party arrived we were given a tour of the house. Then we sat down to a wonderfully laid out table for 7 – rose petals and all. We did not have time to pre-order the set menu so we ordered a la carte. With 2 bottles of wine the bill came to about $40 a head, which is pricey for Manila, but still a bargain compared to a similar dinner in the States, except the whole experience really does not compare to anything we’ve seen here. (I had missed the part in your blog about just paying the corkage fee.) The callos and lengua were good, the bread pudding very good but also very rich, if you did not pick the set menu I would recommend ordering one serving for 2 or 3 guests.
    Reservations required, pre-set menu has to be ordered at least a day ahead (minimum pre-fixe – P1500). Guest list has to be sent in advance via text to the resto as the names are provided to Malacanang security.
    Note – the staff said that most of visitors are not locals but those based outside the Philippines who found out about the place through the internet. My guess is that these are your blog followers ๐Ÿ™‚

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