Jollibee Fresh Green Salad — Finally!


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I was in Super SM Sucat and after visiting the hypermarket, I was planning to grab a takeout so that I can eat in the car specially during traffic. I’m trying to lose weight and eat more healthy food but every where I go, its Carbo everywhere! Mcdo, Pizza Hut, Chowking, French Baker, you name it. Fortunately, I saw Jollibee and I wanted to try out their new salad. I was a bit hessitant at first, but I have no choice. I ordered the salad with Asian dressing and the new chicken torpedo. To my surprise, the salad tasted fresh at par with Wendy’s salads and the Asian dressing is perfect! Thank you Jollibee for innovating and leading the fast food chains in bringing healthy options. Try it out!

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