Dayrit’s delicious Roast Beef


Don’t go back for more 🙁

Finally I was able to eat in Dayrit’s which for the longest time I’m just seeing it along Buendia. Now, they moved in Magallenes already where they have spacious parking and a canteen like ambiance. I don’t have alot to say about Dayrit’s because so far, only the Roastbeef is great. All the rest, burger and non-beef food like sizzling fish is a big disappointment. So, if you are a meat lover and you happen to be in the Magallanes area, this is something to try out for a change.


14 thoughts on “Dayrit’s delicious Roast Beef

  1. Really Dayrit’s Burger & Roastbeef House is now that bad? I used to eat there when I was a kid and I get knocked out on how big their servings were… at the time, it was really big.Do you know how I could get there now? I have to try and see for myself.

  2. Aww…so sorry to hear about your mediocre Dayrit’s experience. Although the burgers were way bigger when we were kids (they were as big as dinner plates), my hubby and I found that it still tastes as good as it used to. Maybe it’s worth a second trip for you? The roast beef is still excellent. We ordered the “side order” portion and found it quite generous. All you need is a cup of rice to go with it and you’re busog! Another fave item at Dayrit’s is their crispy beef ribs (tadyang). Pretty darn good.

  3. @ oliver,
    they just opened at that time when we ate there, so I should have given them the benefit of the doubt.
    They are in Magallanes complex right at the start of south luzon expressway… let me know where will you be coming from if you need more directions.

  4. I used to see Dayrit’s but den I’m still wondering if it tastes good and how much is the food. Would you mind give me an idea with regards to their rates? thanks!

  5. Sorry to hear about your bad Dayrits experience. I love the cheeseburgers of Dayrits. I normally order take out and by the time I get home, the bread has absorbed all the oils and the grease from the burger and it’s so good.

  6. I agree on the burgers!
    Anton, didn’t you get to eat in Dayrits Shoppesville and Katipunan Avenue (across Ateneo Gate 3) back in the day? 🙂

  7. You won’t make a mistake with DAYRIT’s! By the way, any one of you know the tel # of the branch in Paseo Magallenes?

  8. hey. they happened to have the most delicious foods in town! tocino, hawaiian rice, macau, roastbeef, everything! is all great!

  9. Another Dayrit’s restaurant is now open at The Fort, Fort Bonifacio, 31st & 2nd ave. Try the french apple pie, so yummy!

  10. i agree with you… dayrit’s still have the best food in town…visit magallanes branch 854-9943 and the newly opened branch at bonifacio stopover, fort 818-0168

  11. yes. very satisfying and has vary reasonable price! PLUS! the daughter of the owner is hoooooT! she’s very pretty, she’s often in magallanes branch never saw her in FORT. she’s serving food during lunch on weekdays. makes me wanna come back for more! anyone know her?

  12. hey! friend ng friend ko yun! si melai! she’s chubby before..gumanda na siya now! yo daisy! you homo! haha..dont call her hot!

  13. that melai has been my food server twice. she was really nice and talks well and obviously looks like she owns the place. that just made me think. if she knows how to do her job well, why wont she train her employees to do the same thing. thier waiters are all suplado and suplada. she could train them to do the same thing. that would make a big difference in dayrit’s.

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