My Latest Awesome Stuff on the Web


I’ve been reading alot of blog feeds lately (190+) and here are some of the awesome stuff in the web that interests me over the last few days:

1. HK Disneyland Review. A disappointing review of the disneyland experience in HK which opened to the public last Sept. 12 by littlecardnoodles. The review provided a warning on long queues and potential health hazards for people planning to visit: Sunburn, Dehydration, and Injury by umbrella spoke. Not to mention, entrance fee costs (HK$ 249 on a weekday, and HK$ 350 on a weekend) which is about P2,000 per adult!!


Photos courtesy of chehzhaimeen’s

2. Awesome Jessica Alba. Simply awesome 🙂 Paparazzi photos of Jessica Alba in bikinis in these posts Jessica Alba White Bikini and Jessica Alba wears bikinis to beaches via


3. Framer (flagrantdisregard’s new flickr tools). Another cool flickr photo tool from flagrantdisregard.


4. SLIDE!! A personal broadcasting service. I created one here –> and you can download a slide desktop client and I use it to get feeds from engadget and gizmodo.


5. — cool new AJAX Application which is basically an instant messenger on the net! You can now access your Yahoo Messenger while traveling 🙂



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