How beautiful are the Pinays?


One of my past time is flickr surfing, flickr never fails to amaze me. Check out zchendevlemh tribute to the pinay beauty in her pinay photoset. Well there are criticisms that they are friendster rip offs but you got to agree with me that they are still beautiful (although some are bordering into girls in bikinis 🙂 I got this from the Pilipinas Flickr group — Thanks! By the way, if you are into fashion photography zchendevlemh has tons of sets on other beautiful women and you can learn from the poses and lighting impact. I’ve subscribed to her photostream.

UPDATE: (10/27/05) Due to the controversial nature of the source of the picture, I decided to remove it. Anton

6 thoughts on “How beautiful are the Pinays?

  1. beautiful ladies indeed anton…
    but i really don’t encourage unlicensed photo sharing, even if it was presented as a tribute, so i don’t know if she deserves a spot on your blog.
    so the girl in the pic is your fave in the photoset? 🙂

  2. sorry, i didn’t read the text of the article propertly! it does look like they’re all ripped from somewhere else… so my rant about licensing doesnt apply in this case.

  3. yeah, not sure if it was actually ripped but due to the dubious nature of the photo, I just decided to remove it.
    thanks for the comment tanya/ krangsquared!

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