Writing Salon Series 2: I Am From


One of the most interesting writing adventure in the writing salon was developing a piece that starts from “I am From”. There was a lot of setup, artistic warm-up and conditioning techniques to generate my own interpretation of “I am from”. Here’s my piece:


I am from a state
of showbiz and political controversies
counts life in terms of cross roads

I am from my mother’s womb
of love not minutes
that offers interesting twists
trained to be hopeful

I am from a mind
of turns in my life
that is passionate
faithful to God’s sweet embrace

I am from a life
from my day 1 on earth
that strives to find
celebrating life’s blessing

I am from a soul
of beauty of ordinary surroundings
that lives for
the purpose and meaning

I am from a persona
of day-to-day chaos in life
inspiring and touching
defined by integrity

I am from a place
of beautiful sunsets
with other souls on earth
governed by truth

I am from a heart
propelled by love
that yearns to love.


One thought on “Writing Salon Series 2: I Am From

  1. Not bad… not bad at all.
    can you make some more for me using the following:
    I am from silence
    I am from a space
    I am from light
    I am from a smile
    I am from a dot
    I am from you

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