We are glad you are alive Romi


Congratulations again Romi for the first Filipino (based in the Phils) for achieving and climbing Mt. Cho Oyu at 8,000m! We are glad that you are alive and your indigenious children would be very happy. Here is an excerpt of his post in his blog:

Hello from Kathmandu

Greetings from Kathmandu Nepal! Hello again, and thank you for the congratulatory notes & birthday greetings (I celebrated in ABC w/ the yaks, no beer and sisig unfortunately). We just got back in KTM last night after 2 days of fast walk from ABC, down to Chinese basecamp, then a fast jeep ride to Tingri (Tibet) then over the China-Nepal border in Zangmu then finally KTM , now on recovery and healing mode — we all looked like POWs or soldiers who just got back from war =) the injuries, the burns, malnourished bodies, etc… ;)”

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For perspective how significant this achievement is, here are the 7 peaks which are the highest mountain in each continent:

Mt. Kilimajaro (Africa) 5,895m
Mt. Denali (North America) 6,194m
Mt. Everest (Asia) 8,848m
Mt. Elbrus (Europe) 5,642m
Mt. Carstensz Pyramid (Australasia) 4,884m
Mt. Aconcagua (South America) 6,960m
Mt. Vinson (Antartica) 4,897m

As you can see, Romi is already close to Mt. Everest altitude (8000m known as the Death Zone).


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