Writing Salon Series 4: Word Safari Inspired Prose


James Nave: Can you form a composition based on these random words scribbled on the board (known as word safari) ?

This was the warm up exercise in letting your imagination and creative subconscious to take control of your writing. We had to do 10 minutes of continuous writing and in the middle of my composition, I was able to develop the following essay based on the word safari above. Here it goes:

“Deathly manila is transformed into a healthy idol of the far east.
With its sunset bursting into everyone’s mind and heard calling for each one of us to love him dearly.
Manila’s musicians give us an annoying hope that someday we will be among the greatest nation in our beloved green earth.
His beaches would kiss and touch our soul as if water coming from the mouth of the Almighty.
His wind and breath of fresh air is something that would make you wish that you want to die right here and right now.
All the living animals in the zoo and the farms — the birds, the bees, the cattle, the cat,
All sings with reverence to Manila’s Beauty and warm embrace.”


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