Christmas is in the air!


Aside from the chrismas parols that you started to see on the streets and the christmas carols you hear on the radio, have you noticed that it’s getting cooler already? We live in a 10th floor condo and the breeze are cooler now and you could feel that Christmas is in the air ! Got to buy my christmas gifts and avoid that christmas rush 🙂

4 thoughts on “Christmas is in the air!

  1. i love christmastime it is the busiest-happiest-most exciting-most expensive crazy days-month of the year i love the first week of cleaning-decorating the house-garden newly wash starch curtains-beddings newly wax foors-shiny wash windows and lots of brand new clothes from friends-families in boxes-bags-giftwraps our family christmas tree is made of white heavy metal-steel and we wrap them in all white cottons balls just like snows then all varieties-assortments of hanging decors mostly christmas cards we recieved early plus those colorful decor balls along with hanging mini toys and under it are families christmas gift boxes over a white cotton floor rug our house are surrounded with the largest christmas bulbs so we are lit-bright from all view angles and we entertain friends-neighbors who serenaded us 3 sisters left i watch my other sisters in the garden from our upstairs living room window as they sing christmas carols and laughter that entire neighborhood can possibly hear i laugh with them but separate since i am still vey young to entertain boys their age i enjoy all the holiday shoppings in manila or any flea open markets with or without money i was thrilled-happy with all what christmas holiday brings like the hot chocolate with bibingka at puto bungbung sa fresh coconuts plus those lovely-cradle christmas carols songs often enjoyed in most neighborhood parties and of course the ‘simbang gabi’ misa de gallo just before feasting on all food stalls street menus outside churches streets after almost an survival kind of escapes from church sampaguitas flower-herbal vendors and then those fun loud klang klang riot sounds of dozens empty cans attached to jeepneys behind as we leave city nighlife to our brightly lit christmas decorated home…..a holiday complete

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