First Philippines Google Earth Tour!


See the Philippines in Google Earth where you can do a helicopter tour of the Philippines courtesy of the Google Earth satellite images. You can zoom into the different places marked in the map above! Read on for a detailed guide on how to enjoy this google earth tour and what to expect despite the low resolution images. Click on this link to download the KML file –> Philippines Google Earth Tour.kml file.

Guide to the Philippines Google Earth Tour!
1. Download and install the free Google Earth Application @
2. You login using your google account/ email address and you should see the spinning earth when you login.
3. Download the Phils Google Earth Tour.kml and open in Google earth (File –> Open –> Select KML file).
4. You should see it in “My Places” and click on Play. Enjoy!

What to expect?
1. Only three areas have hi-resolution: Pampanga, Bulacan and Cavite.
2. You can check out the hi-res picture of Clark Field Special Economic Zone.
3. Also, one interesting thing to see is how the Lahar flow during Mt. Pinatubo eruption was diverted to avoid Clark Air Base.
4. See a helicopter view of the best places in the Philippines from Pagudpud Beach in Ilocos Norte to Pearl Farm in Davao.
5. The white spots are clouds and there are a lot thats why you cannot see Mt. Mayon in all its glory.


11 thoughts on “First Philippines Google Earth Tour!

  1. Hi Anton. I downloaded the file but often only see green spots on the screen. I’ll try it again and hopefully, with faster Internet connection, I’ll be able to get a cool view.

  2. Hi Anton,
    Thanks, I download the file, and It is an awesome planet we have! Marami na akong hindi na recognize places sa atin. I travel through my street, was enjoyable! 🙂

  3. @ Merly — glad you like it 🙂 I do hope we have hi-res pictures 1-3 years from now and it would be totally awesome to see Manila itself in Hi-res 🙂 Thanks!

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