My Winning Badminton Strategies


Finally after years of joining competitions, I won a championship during the recently concluded Hataw Busko 2005. We are the Sophomores B1 Level champions! (Sophomores is an age bracket for early 30s, and B1 is the 2nd to the highest level in the bracket with level A as the highest) For badminton addicts out there, I’m sharing my winning badminton strategies in this post.

The Hataw Busko 2005, is the 2nd badminton tournament for Bosconians and the format is one set of straight to 21 points. This is becoming common in most tournament to save time and be able to have more matches over the weekend. I played in the age 30+ bracket (sophomores) and we are in the second level B1 (the levels are A, B1 B2, C, D). There are certain strategies that worked very well for us and hopefully could help badminton addicts out there:

1. Take the side of the court facing the wall with the audience at your back. This would give you an advantage to concentrate more on your opponents and would help with your nervousness.

2. A set of straight to 21pts, is a game of speed. Whoever reaches 10 points first has a higher chance to win the set. So the first few points is very crucial.

3. Tension and nervousness could affect your game, use tension releasing techniques like shouting when hit a great shot, talk to your partner constantly by affirming great shots or giving feedback on how to improve.

4. For the first few points, play for sure shots like sure short serves, smashes on the middle rather than on the sides, and if you’re drop is not working, use clear shots instead.

5. Get supporters to cheer for you to demotivate or dishearten your opponents. Hecklers could help.

6. Always prepare a backup racket. In my case, in the finals I noticed my shots were awkward during the middle of the game. I noticed after a few errors, that my racket string was broken. Good thing I already prepared the backup racket and I was not rattled.

7. Use time outs to break the momentum of the other team. Use this wisely and this is surely effective specially during very close fights.

8. Pray before the game to Mama Mary 🙂 This helps specially to calm your nerves.

Of course, this assumes that your skills are leveled correctly in your group and you have been practicing and stretching accordingly.

Please share also if you have proven winning badminton strategies. Hope this helps!


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