Vegetarians don’t eat Steak :(


I heard a lot of raves about the novelty of eating beside a petron station but I’ve never tried it and probably never will. I’m a vegetarian for 2 weeks now (yes, you heard me right) and I can only read reviews about it. Particularly interesting is Firefly | Zephyr’s review of Everything @ Steak. If my vegetarian experiment works, I don’t mind missing raving about this steak. 2 more weeks…

10 thoughts on “Vegetarians don’t eat Steak :(

  1. Turning 100% vegetarian is not at all good. You need to point out first your goals on why you are doing this.
    If this is only for the sake of lifestyle change and you continue to eat bread, carbie food , and veggies and just subtract meat proteins…you are in for a big health mistake.
    If you want to go on diet and loose weight using the “vegetarian” way the best strategy is found on the book Live to Eat by Dr. Furhman (
    In a gist, this is low carb diet minus animal proteins.

  2. @ Lori – not yet completely but learning and trying 🙂 I know I’ll miss alot and my choices will be limited specially in the restos that I can try 🙁 But will see…
    @ Brobo – you’re right I need to learn more about it. My goal is really for healthy reasons and all the meat that you eat actually translates to cancer or other diseases in your later life. Thanks for the site and I’ll check it out. I actually have vegetarian friends in the office from India and germany and I’ll plan to learn from them. They have been vegetarian for more than 20 years so I guess that makes them an authority. But now, I’m just seeing if I can resist all the meat and so far I can 🙂 hahaha

  3. These people from India and other vegetarians have it all wrong! As long as they eat complex carbs coming from bread, rice and other sources of sugar… your diet is futile. You might as well eat meat.

  4. So I guess the solution is not to eat too much carb and avoid meat. Meat is detrimental to your health and causes a lot of the diseases during old age.

  5. Check this out:
    This new finding corroborate the principles found in the book Eat to Live.
    You are right on track on going veggies but going all out vegetarian is NOT the way to go.
    One pitfall that vegetarians fail to recognize is the consumption on starchy food (e.g. bread). They fail to recognize the good grains and the bad grains. Take note of the grains in the pyramid. It has to be whole grains and not the ordinary processed sugary bread that you normally eat. No more ganache!
    Moreover, take note of the fruits space in relation to the whole pyramid. Recognize that not all fruits are good. Follow the fruit selection here: (and if I may add, the fruit selection is similar to the South Beach Diet recommendations)
    I am thinking of switching to this diet soon.

  6. Great article bro! OK, you convinced me, will switched to this diet. Well practically this is what I was following less the top fish/meat. What I learn is that I should ensure 7 servings of fruits and vegetables… preferably raw… will work on that.
    Ok no more ganache 🙁 just whole wheat bread for me…

  7. Funny to stumble upon your old blog posts, Anton. You’ve built a lot of resources even for those trying to go vegetarian or close to it : )
    True as you posted: it’s HAARD! I just need to try harder as I’m at the tipping point of what we daddies of young kids fear.

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