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Ace Water Spa has been on my list of things to blog about and yesterday, me and my brobo went out to check out the place. They were on a buy 1 take 1 until Dec. 31, so we took the chance for only P240, entrance fee, you get to enjoy 25 massage systems, 9 heated pools, and 1 cold pool (really too cold). It took us 2 hours to fully enjoy the place and the crowd is mostly family with children playing in the big jacuzzi and occasionally some tourists. We actually felt like a child again and I spend my time playing with my brother. Except for the aching body after that enjoyable hydrotherapy, I would definitely go back. I’ll give you a rundown on what to expect and to bring to have a fun experience @ Ace Water Spa since you cannot read anything on this except the advertisements in magazines and newspaper.

Ace Water Spa is the first Hydrotheraphy spa in Manila and claims to be the first in the European concept spa in the Philippines. Hydrotheraphy or Water Therapy is the treatment of disease through the use of water. Hydrothermal theraphy is the use of water temperature, such as in hot tubs or spas. The focus of hydrotheraphy is to rid the body of toxins that may be causing joint pain and inflammation.

This is the reception of the Ace Water Spa and here are some reminders:

  • Adult is P480 while Children is P240.
  • You need to be in swimwear– swimsuit for the girls and trunks or tights for the boys. (they are strict on this)
  • They would give you a red shower cap to use while inside the water spa.
  • They are very conscious about cleanliness inside the spa, so no eating, no sleepers, and you need to take a shower before going inside.
  • If you don’t have trunks, they have one available for P250 – P350. So I suggest you bring your own to avoid this additional costs.
  • The people in the spa are very service oriented so you won’t have a problem navigating your way through the spa.
  • Suggested Routine: Stretch, Do a couple of laps in the pool, Go to the Heated Pools, before trying out finally all the different water jet massage systems.
  • After spa, there is a free chicken soup which is very good and tempts you to order more from the Ace Water Spa Cafe.

What I loved most:

  • I love the Hot herbal pool. Here’s the routine, you need to submerge your entire body for 3-5 minutes in a 36 degree green herbal pool, then submerge yourself for 3 minutes in the cold pool (which we can’t really stand). Then you submerge again in the 38 degree yellow herbal pool, then cold pool again. Finally, you submerge in the 40 degree blue herbal pool and at this point you will feel very relieved and relaxed.
  • The rainfall Accupunture is definitely the best together with the waterfall massage. It is as if 10 people reflexes your accupunture points all at the same time — fun and soothing!
  • Lastly, I loved the Jet Chair Massage and the Hydro bouyancy Bubble Massage systems. You need to try this out when you decide to visit this place. Its like your into a Jacuzzi carnival or different rides where each massage system is designed to massage a certain point of your body from the shoulders, to the buttocks, to the chest, to the hips, to your feet.

Ace Water Spa is located along Del Monte corner Banawe and owned by a corporation composed of Taiwanese.

399 Del Monte Avenue (near corner Banaue st.) SFDM, Quezon City
Tel# 367-8041, 367-8062, 415-0164

22 thoughts on “Fun Hydrotheraphy @ Ace Water Spa :)

  1. I was there and that is actually where I met my Fiancee’ who lives and works in Masambong, Quezon City. I can’t wait until I can go back there next June/July or some such. The Chicken Soup kind of reminded me of Clam Chowder but it’s chicken instead of clams; so to speak. It is a very clean place, totally over-run with beautiful women in scantily-clad swimwear. They are all so very gorgeous! I know. I got myself one! I would NOT recommend the Aqua-Spa for that, ALONE; but you know, The Philippines IS THE Philippines.

  2. Hey there! Ace water spa rely rocks!!! imagine that youre being massaged by just a water running down to your body! of course its great. kaya People Punta na dito sa Ace Water Spa Philippines at mag enjoy ng walang katapusan dito!

  3. y0w!i cant wait to try this newest and hippiest hydrotherapy mom said we would try it even though its a bit pricy for us.the spa is so tempting to go to.and by now,im really dying to try it up!more power to ace water spa and to its staff!see you there!i expect good service from your staffs..see you!!1

  4. oh i nearly forgot!!!the spa also brings glory to the philippines cause this is the first hydrotherapy in manila and also adds for tourist destinations!the spa really is tempting!!!..i really cant wait to visit there i love it!!!

  5. i saw this spa at at home ka dito this morning and google led me to your blog.. 😀
    thanks for the infos… this is why i love blogging. 😀

  6. i living here in maui bt i saw ace water spa at home ka d2 i cant w8 2 go back home 2 try dis very nice place

  7. pupunta kami jan sa sunday!im realy excitd to go there!can you give me a map of going there to be are guide?nakita namin yan sa athome ka dito!i excpect the good services u have there! see ya!there~!

  8. Been there yesterday.We really had fun! I highly recommend the place especially for family bonding activity.Great conecpt!

  9. I’ve seen it featured in Unang Hirit and I’m looking forward to visiting the place. Your blog is very informative. Keep up the good work. Ü

  10. 2006,we went there with my family after watching wowowee,and we had so much fun,,,this year i will be going back to phil. for 2 weeks holiday and for sure i will be visiting ace again

  11. Hi! My husband & I have been there last night.Its our 1st.time,we intend to just check the place,but I brought our swimwears just in case its ok.When I saw the place,wow!pay na agad ako ng entrance fee.And it was fun!Ang sarap ng mga hydromassages, hot herbal pools and the steam & sauna.Relaxing talaga! we’ll be coming back every Saturday from now on. Join na kayo.;)

  12. Ok, I couldn’t help it. I gave it a try yesterday. It was kick ass! 5 hours is way more than enough time to enjoy the amenities of the spa. The tarps need a bit of work though – there were lots of typos and grammatical errors.
    Loved the hydro buoyancy massage.

  13. I’ve been to this place before, the place is so great! Everyone is just required to wear swimsuits/trunks and a red cap. No picture taking and towels/sarong near the water spa. i tried the herbal tea hot pool and the super cold….You have to try the lap pool as well. I am hoping to go back there again next time with my family. To Ace Water Spa, keep up the good work!

  14. is it ok if one has kidney and urinary tract infections? I heard kasi bawal ang pool sa ganung cases dahil prone sa bacteria because of the pool. answers please… tnx.

  15. They don’t have that much photos. But obviously it looks fun just looking at this few picture.
    Definitely, going in there someday for a relaxing vacation.

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