Lasalle Ateneo Nightmare Games?!


Lasalle Ateneo Dream Game 2005, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

It was so painful to watch it that you got to wake up from the dream. The dream game that you don’t want to remember and one of the worst Ateneo-LaSalle game that I’ve seen.

First the facts, the games ended in a split. In the legends game, Lasalle won 63 to 59 of Ateneo with Sta. Maria 15pts and Jong Uichico 14pts leading the Lasallian Legends. In the All stars, Ateneo won finally at 88 over La Salle’s 85 led by Fonacier at 28pts, and Villanueva with 27 pts. including the game winning 3 points shot with 1s left in the game. You can say its good karma for Rico who was punched by Yeo earlier and shot the game winning 3 points.

Believe me these are the games that you don’t want to watch:

1. After all the controversies that La Salle went through this year, this would top it all. There was a brawl between Yeo and Villanueva who elbowed Yeo on a rebound game. Yeo retaliated with a punch and he was thrown out of the game. There was a tension whether to continue the game and they decided to continue less the amateur college players to lessen the tension. There are a lot of talks on who is at fault here, but in the end La Salle loses in the argument anyway that you look at it. Yeo should have controlled himself and not let Ateneo have the final laugh here.

2. Its like watching the PBA games where the alma matter spirit is corrupted by entreprenuer’s hoping to cash in on the rivalry. After the brawl, the game is practically a PBA Ateneo-Lasalle exhibition game. I guess that is why it was not sold out and the crowd was not charged enough to cheer throughout. Also, ABC 5’s coverage was poor in video quality, delayed and lots of the same commercials (like watching Pacquiao’s match). The all star games was disappointing, although it was great to see Ritualo, Cortez, Cardona, Limpot and Allado playing all at the same time. It would be delight to see JV and Yeo play along side Ritualo and Cortez… Likewise, on the Ateneo side, It was a delight to see the Champion Team Villanueva, Fonacier, Alvarez, Gonzales, and Tenorio reunited once again with the same fire and intensity.

3. I was bored watching the games which was practically a game of free throws. The second half was dominated by Ateneo but La Salle tied the ball game coming into the last 2 minutes. It was an exchange of free throws until the last 9 seconds where the game is tied with La Salle in possession of the ball. Ritualo was careless in receiving a pass while Villanueva ensured to sink the 3 point shots on the other end to make a statement. What happened to the excellent back court press and dazzling plays? We want Franz! Bring back Norman Black 🙂

Am I just dreaming that this happened? Wake me up!?! Aargh…


7 thoughts on “Lasalle Ateneo Nightmare Games?!

  1. Anton wala bang video? sino ba may kasalanan..siyempre si Villanueva. hehehe..lagi nya kasi nilalabas siko nya eh..ayan akala nya di sya papatulan..

  2. meron actually nagbebenta, DVD quality mga 400 bucks… well si villanueva talagang nagsimula, di niya akalaing magreretaliate si yeo the man..

  3. i didnt watch the game but read about the brawl in the papers and read more in-depth here in the blogs. am a la sallie but am ashamed to be one now due to the succeeding incidents involving la salle. we recall Yeo trash-talking Arwind Santos and was whacked by la salle team manager, then there were ineligible players (i recall many years ago that Noli Locsin was also ineligible so i think trophies were forfeited also during that time) recently also. Now this Yeo retaliation. I think elbows are part of the game and if you really want to retaliate, you sould do so in a more subtle way not a blatant, harmful clothesline. I hope La Salle deals with the Yeo incident with serious intention to discipline his demeanor. a suspension perhaps to play for la salle next year. I heard that the PBA has doubt of allowing him to apply for the draft due to his actions on the court. my two cents worth lang ito

  4. your right that this is not the attitude and behaviour we should tolerate… parang walang pinagaralan… just so sad, ang galing panaman niya sa basketball… well maybe, La salle won’t be joining UAAP next year after all. sad.

  5. Everything that happen was wrong. But to say that Yeo is all at fault..hmm probably not.
    1. Villanueva is a professional player, he should not done that. He is more seasoned and senior. Besides he has done that a lot before.
    2. Maybe this is an old grind of Yeo from Villanueva. We never know.
    3. Don’t generalize what LA SALLE have won. Pumaren is really a good coach and he deserve it.
    3. Locsin is not uneligible player like what you said Anton N.:-). When he was not performing academically, he was remove and not part of the team. LA SALLE lost that championship (should have been a 3 peat, my freshman yr 1991) because of technicality which is not LA SALLE wrongdoing.
    4. Whatever they say or whatever happen to the recent problem of LASALLE basketball team, LA SALLE have the better basketball program than A*MU period. I do not need to prove this by statistics..
    5. Yeo just graduated playing for LASALLE. Besides this is not a UAAP sanction game. This is a PBA sanction game and the organizer should realize that it will always be a hotly contested game.
    6. I don’t understand why they keep on repeating this one. Probably this is the only time Ateneo can get back to us.. =)

  6. Amen, Aldrin! Everything was indeed wrong and I’m sensing a negative vibe about the games even before it started.
    They keep on repeating to earn from the rivalry which is sad and see what happens if you have bullies in the line up.
    I guess we will see more of these in the future and I think the best or worst is yet to come.
    La Salle winning all their games against Ateneo this year except for the last controversial one, was too good to be true. But during this trying times, we continue to keep the faith that La Salle will surpass all of these!
    Animo La Salle!

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