The Perfect “Dampa” in Seaside Macapagal Blvd!


This is actually the perfect Dampa place in Manila because it is near Manila Bay (reclamation area), the parking is spacious, the restaurants are clean, there is open air ambiance better than any of the dampa’s in the whole Manila. There are a few “Dampas” already in Metro Manila: the Original Dampa in Paranaque is soo far for most Manila folks, while the Original Seaside along Roxas Blvd is actually right inside the wet market so cleanliness would be an issue. The other Dampa in Libis is soo crowded that parking and waiting time is a problem. The Seaside Dampa in Ortigas have an awkward ambiance because of its location.

This Seaside along Macapagal Blvd is definitely beside the sea, and addresses the cleanliness, ambiance and parking issue. This place is perfect for the family or friends reunion and for those balikbayans wanting to treat the entire family (cheaply) and at the same time satisfying their craving for Filipino Food. The only criticism is that the wet market seafood is not fresh, but I have a tip for you on how to address this.

Most of the places here are air conditioned and have an open air space to be used at night. This is actually perfect for treating out balikbayans out there who are craving for Filipino Food at a cheap price with great ambiance. It is very difficult to select which place offers the best food. Most of the restos or big stalls here came from Seaside Roxas Blvd and they are used to the “paluto” concept.

Except for Josefina’s who is in the business of fine dining and catering. They are not used to the paluto concept but their food is great! The tip is to reserve and order in advance so that they can buy the seafood fresh. They are the last stall and located in the back. They have a garden setting that would be great at night!

If you are familiar with the Dampa concept, you have to buy the ingredients fish, meat or seafood in the wet market in the seaside. You can choose not to buy it yourself, but you just have to pay for the “wet marketing” for an additional fee. Again, the criticism here is that the fish and other seafood is not fresh.

Take for example this sinigang sa miso, it tastes great but it is oily. When we ask Josefina why is it cooked that way, she said the fish needed to be fried since it is not fresh or else it would not taste this good.

Just to give you a perspective on how it would costs, there was only two of us plus Aidan and here is the breakdown:

1/4 Maya Maya Sinigang (P100)
1/2 Tahong Baked (P100)
Ensaladang Manga (P100)
2 Plain Rice Cup (P40)
Tahong Marketing (P35)
MayaMaya Marketing (P45) Total (P420 for two people) — great value!

Final Advice: Park at the back of the Seaside area and call/ reserve in advance.

Josefina’s Garden Grill Paluto
Jun, Josie and Luz Salamat
U-12 L-5A Hobbies of Asia Complex,
Diosdado Macapagal Blvd., Pasay City
Tel# +632 6404041, +63918 934 2885

UPDATE 12/28/02 — we went back in Josefina’s and we were disappointed with the malansang sinigang and ketchup crab that they served. Maybe its the raw material or maybe they just have too many visitors and was not able to accomodate the volume. Anton

14 thoughts on “The Perfect “Dampa” in Seaside Macapagal Blvd!

  1. i’ve been there before….i was on vacation and the food was awesome! they’re all good cook!

  2. ….few years ago i visited philippines i spent time alone exploring what little left i did’nt do in my life so i spent time inviting old neighborhoods strangers{children} distant forgotten relatives to have fun anywhere possible like treat them na walang pasabi o preparations man lang{on the spot}like pizza hut all you can eat pure cheeses round edges pizzas at walang katapusang halo halo{so now i’m fatter lol!}no end shoppings o spa health wellness o to luxury gym tapos i always promised each to take them to eat in this place na pick your raw foods tapos this place will cook them for you{grills etc.}sila din ang magluluto that’s fun di ba? so i’m really excited to do it but somehow i-we-none of us ever made it to this place….strange but everytime we stop somewhere on the way to this place late nights lagi na lang may sampaguita vendors or juicy fruits candy sellers ages all under 9 years old each offering me to buy….it breaks my heart….so i would buy all they had with promised to go home{they’re back again next day}normally we get punished if not home by sunsets yet this young children are doing child labors instead of playing studying sleeping this late nights….somehow i forgot all my original plans not even remembering we have not eaten since after lunch….not just once but in all occassions….i find that strange….alzheimer maybe?….hhmmm

  3. You should try DAMPA SA LIBIS. It’s accessible and the food is great! Fresh seafoods and meat!! And the place?? Check it out and see it for yourself..

  4. Question lang po:
    Yung sa breakdown ng price, ano po yung ibig sabihin ng tahong/maya-maya marketing?
    Nagca-canvass po kasi ako… lapit na birthday eh! Kaya gusto ko i-treat family ko. TNX!

  5. very informative..ive tried libis already but its too small, i know that the Dampa at macapagal ave area has a larger variety of food choices.. but i guess nothing will beat Paranaque’s original dampa.. cubao’s dampa is larger though compared to libis… but point taken, libis is very accessible 😉

  6. Hi! It’s really affordable to eat in Dampa. Usually we go to the one in Paranaque, but lately we often go to Macapagal because more accessible (especially we were in the South area). We really love it in Josefina’s because we usually have free desserts (and with discounts also) because we often eat there that the owners know us. What we usually do is call them in advance and order our menu so that when we go there, we can eat already. We dont want to buy from the market. Anyway, they know where to buy (i think they also have stalls in the market) fresh seafoods.
    This is a good place if you want to treat your family (really affordable).
    My advice, call them early, especially during weekends because they usually have many customers.

  7. this is the secret!
    why barker enjoy they work to recruiting costumer specially foriengner??!! b’coz they have a commision at the market.. the costumer choose they want, and the barker try to give them a higher prize and the excess prize from the market they give it to the barker.. you get my point!!!

  8. its not good to eat in dampa!! why???
    it is not full sanitize!!! i can’t eat while the employees there are smoking while i’m eating and smell bad to loose my apetite!! and the utensils we use is not fully clean.. why im saying not fully clean! what they use to dry the plate , soup bowl, fork and spoon, glasses, and other can use while we eating!! please observe before you enter in one restaurant!!!! TY……..

  9. where are all the dampa’s anyway? Ok, theres the one on Roxas Blvd. Where are the others? What about one near New Manila?

  10. Has anyone eaten in this resto call Aling Mahrsya? Is the style like Dampa too? It is located near the big Ferris Wheel right now. I was waiting for my friends so I decided to find a place to sit. I chose Aling Mahrsya after being pestered by the waiter. I ordered a bottle of Mineral water and Ice tea. Then he continued to pester me to order food. I decided to order something light while waiting for my friend and most importantly, for the waiter to stop bothering me with his food recommendations.
    I ordered for the smallest portion of Salt and Pepper Squid which is half kilo. When my friend came, I asked for the bill and to my surprise, the total was 570 pesos.
    I asked the waiter for the breakdown and here it goes,
    – Mineral Water – 40 pesos
    – Ice Tea – 60 pesos
    – Half kg squid – 210 pesos
    – Cooking charge -180 pesos
    – Service charge -80 pesos
    Total – 570 pesos.
    I understand the drink list as it is by the bay, but the squid? That’s just crazy. Even Hap Chan is selling the same item for 240 pesos. I think is even more expensive than Resto in Singapore.
    Never again!

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