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I will not attempt to describe what is in store for you in Souk Gallery. Much has been written about this off mall store, and its unique fashion finds are enough reason to visit their two stores. One in Ortigas (covered in this post) and the other one in Estrella in Rockwell.

Lets just say that my wife loves the trendy outfits and I’m glad she think twice about buying it — Aidan’s clothes vs. a trendy christmas dress ? 🙂 You pay the price for getting unique fashion but this is one store that you should check out this Christmas season. Let the photos do the talking, here’s a virtual tour of the Souk Gallery.


Souk Gallery
2nd Floor Crescent Condominium
21 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center
633-5424, +63917-6224807


7 thoughts on “[Unique.Stores.4] Souk Gallery Surprise

  1. Oh my God Anton, I read your blog about food most especially, I didn’t realize you featured us here 🙂 Thanks so much for the awesome write-up!
    (co-owner of Souk)

  2. hi, you might also wanna check out SyKat Couture shop along Jupiter Street, Makati (Dona Consolacion bldg). They have fabulous pieces as well. At the 2nd floor is Fibre, another couture joint that features creations of the members of the Young designers Guild. =)

  3. ….can i buy order via yahoo mail?….will they accept international debit card?….is it safe{my debit card number}if i let you know thru payments?….just wondering

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