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Here’s the second blog posts of my brother, Enzo. We went to Frances Gloria, who is the co-anchor of Jaime Lichauco in Inner Mind on Radio every Sunday at 7pm. We don’t generally believe in this stuff but check out this regression experience based on my brother’s account.


Last December 28, my brother Anton said that he will give me a surprise treat. He instructed me not to drink any coffee or chocolate on that day. All the while, I thought we will go to some unique spa. But when we were driving towards the south, I was surprised we exited in Merville and found myself in #1
Long Beach cor. Riviera Sts., Merville Park, Paranaque City, Philippines

The session with Frances started off with a 10 minute introduction of the “healing” methodology. She will basically conduct what you call a regression and a progression. Regression is a process where your mind is guided down to the Alpha level to access a state where your consciousness can have inputs from the sub-conscious to see the past. Progression, on the other hand is similar to regression but you will be guided to see the future. In both process, you will be totally awake and aware of your surroundings. She will be asking you questions and from what you see, hear, feel or impressed by the sub-conscious you will provide the answer for her to note down. The whole process will take about two hours and this will set you back Php2,000.00

The “healing therapy” will take place in a room where there is a desk and a bed. Yes…think of going to a shrink’s office. Instead of a sofa, you have a single bed to relax in. One would notice that there are a lot of crystals in the room. It is a sign of how mystical things are about to come.

My journey to the past and the future started off with identifying “your problem area.” I don’t really have one per se but just so that we can proceed with it I said that maybe we should look into the reason why I cant seem to hold on to any long term relationship and perhaps look into the reason why at 33 years old, I am still single. (As I write this blog, I just hope that any future potential mate will not read any of this entry for this may be construed as a red flag for being psycho-weird…ha ha ha. If ever, just take note that the session is a Christmas treat from my bro! So there!)

So here is what transpired:

Frances first asked me as to my preference among these three scenes: A garden, A beach, and a forest. I chose the garden because I think it will be photogenic (but going back, I should have chosen the beach since it is easier to visualize) After I revealed my choice, she started the journey. The visualization kicked-off with a staircase with 15 steps. As I visualize myself going down this staircase, I am supposed to relax. At the foot of the staircase, I will enter the garden.

In the garden, Frances guided me to see some flowers. I forgot already the sequence but she gave me visuals on pink, yellow and red flowers…somehow these colors have some significance. The next set of visuals involve butterflies…lots of them. At this point, I believe I fell asleep (sleeping is Delta level, I am supposed to go down only to the Alpha level) I heard her calling my name loudly, like Lazarus being called back to life, and for a split second I realized my mistake and jerk back. Big oops…I hope I didn’t make a mistake and ruin the whole thing by sleeping through these portion. (Note to the readers: aside from not taking any coffee or chocolate, there should be a pre-instruction to get a good night sleep before the session…for obvious reasons.)

While in the Alpha level, Frances will field guided questions for you to answer. Your answers are supposed to uncover the solutions to your issues . The first guided question is on the kind of vehicle that you will use for travelling. For some reason, I visualized a jeep– the kind that you use in the military. According to Frances, other people would visualized a space ship. Others would give an airplane or a train. But for me, it is a top down, silver metallic jeep.

The next instruction is to get inside the ride and drive towards a white light. As you approach the white light, it will grow bigger and bigger and enter it. It is here that you move fast into the past. The vehicle will come to a halt and slowly descend and touch the ground. Upon touchdown, you will have to describe what you see, feel, or hear. This is supposed to be your first glimpse of the past.

The first scene I saw is that of a monk-looking old man. Think shaolin-temple monk–bald, in his 80’s, white beard, in this khaki garb. The guy is on a rocky beach sometime in a breezy afternoon. You can hear the sound of the water splashing as it hit rocks. And then, I saw two kids playing with the old man. Frances, instructed me to look into the eyes of the kids. The eyes, being the window to the soul, will show who they are in the current lifetime. I was not able to distinguish any of the faces.

Frances, then asked me to go back to a time when the old man is still young. The visuals showed a young man, in early 20s, entering a castle/ fortress like structure. There are guards in the entrances and it seems that the young man is quite respected. I told Frances, that the young guy entered the castle/ fortress and disappeared.

I was instructed to follow the guy inside the castle. The next visuals show the young man, now in mid 20s, having sex with three women. Apparently, these three women are his wives. I was told by Frances to look into the eyes of these women and identify who they are. One of the woman looks like the woman I dated early this year. Another one looks like my mother when she was in her 20s. The other one looks like an acquaintance from La Salle. This didn’t make sense to me at all.

In trying to determine my relationship to these women, Frances asked me to see other activities I am doing with the women. The next scene showed the young man inside a room receiving reports from men, seems like generals, on the preparation activities for a war. They are speaking in Chinese and the mood is dead serious. The three women are sitting on the side line–observing.

Frances pushed me further to see what happened to the war. The next scene shows the three women inside a carriage-like vehicle pulled by horses all packed to leave. The young man is waving to them goodbye. It seems that the war is about to happen and the women, children and those incapable of war are being retreated somewhere. One of the women is crying. The other two remain silent and non-chalant; they are emotionless. As they move out, the young man feel relieve.

Frances directed me to see how the young man became the old man that I saw in the first scene. This prompted me to see a vision of a fortress being made (i got this impression that it is Great Wall of China). The young man, now kinda old in his late 30’s, is directing and supervising men on the construction site. The next image I saw is the young man retreating to the mountain–to a secluded community maintained by the monks. Apparently, this is how he became one of the monks–he was defeated in war and hid from his enemies through a disguise as a monk.

Frances asked me to see the death of the old man. It is very serene. The old man, not able to move due to some sickness, just lies in his bed. No one is there with him. He just closed his eyes and died. Although he died alone, without any trace of the three women nor any of the kids, as shown in the first scene, it was very peaceful. He died in an afternoon.

At this point, Frances mentioned something about blessing the soul of the old man and making sure that his soul rest in peace. She then asked me to ride the jeep and moved to a white light and travel to the future.

The progression’s first scene is of me with a woman in a mountain resort. It is a very photogenic scene. Its morning in a bedroom that shows a snow capped mountains. It is in a land I never seen before. I surmised it is somewhere in Europe. Frances directed me to see the newspaper and determine the date. The newspaper is in some language that I don’t understand and even recognize, sort of like Russian and the date is September 27, 2007. The impression that I got is that the couple is having their honeymoon.

Frances then directed me to see how I met this woman. The scene showed me with my friend Emil, his wife and this woman. We are going down to San Diego, driving in the freeway. My friend Emil and his wife are sitting in front. Me and the woman are sitting at the back. The woman is the friend of Emil’s wife. Frances directed me to see the date from a newspaper. Unfortunately, I was not able to get any visuals.

Frances asked me if I wanted to see the wedding. I said why not. The next scene is a sunset reception in Napa Valley. The wineries, the vineyards, the sunset, these are all very clear. I am in tuxedo with the wife and there is a photographer directing a pictorial. Frances then asked me to look into the invitation and see the date. The date reads August 12, 2007. Frances then directed me to see the name of the bride. I had difficulty focusing on this but it eventually showed the name of the woman I am currently dating. At this point, the visuals gave two non-congruent facts. I didn’t meet this woman through Emil. When Frances directed me to see the face of the woman, I didn’t recognize her at all. But she has an angelic face and the wedding gown fits her well. With this wedding scene we ended our session.

Frances brought me back from Alpha in 15 counts.

We discussed what transpired but I didn’t get a definitive answer from the regression as to my relationship concerns. We cant figure out the three wives of the young man and their meanings and how they relate to my “issues”. We also didn’t make any sense as to the name of bride as it appears in the invitation and the woman I met through Emil and eventually get married to.

Frances requested that if ever any of these come true I would send her a post card. Heck, I said to myself, if any of these comes true I might even send her an invitation and a plane ticket to the wedding.

Frances L. Gloria
Certified International Independent Nikken Wellness Consultant
Certified Hypnotherapist
Member, International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association
Announcer, DZMM (co-anchor, Inner Mind on Radio)

#1 Long Beach Cor. Riviera Sts., Merville Park
Paranaque City, Philippines
Directions: If coming from Manila, take the South Super Highway and the first exit after nichols toll gate is the Merville exit. After the exit, go straight for a few stretch until you come to a big road and this leads to the Merville village gate #1. From there, you leave your ID and ask directions on how to go to Long Beach.

Mobile: +63917-3648090
Tel.: +632-824-7586

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  1. was suppose to, but we lacked time and we’re suppose to try Frances… I’m still planning to attend one of the jaime’s ESP seminar sometime soon.
    So what seminar did you attend?

  2. I dream of a different place, maybe some sort of Korea. Happened about twice. Is it a sign that I am connected to that place in my past life? Strange things are in my mind.

  3. It’s now 2008 when I read your item on FRances Gloria. Did anything shown in your progression happened? Thanks

  4. It’s now 2008 when I read your item on FRances Gloria. Did anything shown in your progression happened? Thanks

  5. Hi there!
    Where you able to resolve why you cant hold on to anything long? I have the same problem and I’m interested in doing this regression thing to resolve that. I would appreciate if you could let me know by emailing me at cynyta@yahoo.com

  6. Anton,m
    I’ve been looking for Frances Gloria. So far nobody has told me about her whereabouts. If you have any information about her, could you please email it to me.
    Thank you.

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