Finding Serenity @ Kota Beach, Bantayan Island!


This is one of my favorite beach in the Philippines! I’m glad I was able to go back here for the second time almost after 5 years… I like its rustic charm where there is no TV, the clocks seems to slow down, you are like watching in an omni-theater about beach nature at its finest. Kota Beach is located in Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island and on the tip end of the Sta. Fe beaches. You could walk along the beach to the left and find Marlin’s Beach Resort, White Sands, and Santa Fe Beach Club. On the right of Kota Beach, you can also find Budji Resorts and other smaller resorts.

Unfortunately, this island is full of irony because they got exposed to tourist price early so some of the food are expensive specially if it is owned by a foreigner. However, you can have Karaoke with drinks already for P100/person. Danggit sells for half the price here in the Bantayan Market because it is produced in the island. Also, Bantayan is known to be the “Egg Basket of the Visayas”. More than 100 tons of eggs per day are produced on the island and sent out to the nearby regions (quote from Tara Cebu). They don’t have diving resorts but Marlin’s Resort would have water sports available and ski-boarding since the beach faces the open sea. Lastly, Bantayan Island is the only place where you can eat meat or Lechon during the Holy Week and this is recognized by the Church!

I’ll be writing a series on Bantayan/Malapascua adventure in time for the summer season. Stay tune for that series.

9 thoughts on “Finding Serenity @ Kota Beach, Bantayan Island!

  1. bantayan island is the best. boracay without the night life..better sand although the beach front is not long enough.. it is better than malapascua as the later is really for divers..sorry i don’t dive =)

  2. Actually, last time I loved Bantayan better than Malapascua… then we realized that there was a south beach apart from the main beach and the sand and shoreline is sooo beautiful that this already became my favorite… you should try to go back to Malapascua 🙂

  3. we’re scheduled for a trip to cebu on Sept. Now im really confused which island to visit, Malapascua or Bantayan, since we cannot visit both island. We’re not divers, but we do love to snorkel. Which Island would you recommend? Where did you stay in Malapascua?

  4. I’ve been surfing on the net for possible place to spend our summer this year. Then i saw the site featuring bantayans resorts and beaches. I realized its a beautiful place, all natural white sandy beaches and the laid back life in a small island. I fell in love rightaway with its natural beauty but since i haven’t gone there yet, i hope somebody could enlighten me what would be the best resort to stay there…not that expensive by the way. thanks.

  5. wow..i really love the scene..its very wonderful. im looking for some places/beach, where i could spend the last week of summer. I got fascinated with the scene, KOta beach in Sante fe. can i ask for help?? how can i get there? i hope u can help me.. thanks a lot..looking forward for your response in my e add..

  6. i havent been there yet…but im planning..the problem is..i dont know where to go there..hehehe..can u help me..?

  7. Kota Beach Resort is AWFUL!! It’s horrible and totally gross. There is absolutely no maintenance and there was never any renovation done. I don’t even need to describe the condition of the huts and bathrooms! No service at all. The staff should be better trained and the resort run more professionally.
    There are other better beaches in the Philippines. This one is a let down.
    I will never recommend Kota Beach Resort. They even have the never to call it a resort.

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