[Bantayan+Malapascua #6] Leaving Bantayan and a Wet Boat Trip to Malapascua!


It was tough leaving the island of Bantayan. As much as we want to savor the serene ambiance of Kota beach, we have to leave as early as possible so that we don’t catch the big waves enroute to Malapascua. The boat trip took us 2 hours+ and it was a rough, wet boat ride. Also, the biggest banca in Bantayan is small compared to the banca in Malapascua. It was just enough for the six of us to seat under the trapal covers. One of the problems I had was it costs us P4,000 for the one way boat trip and I know that this is too much (should only be around 2,500+) if we went from Malapascua to Bantayan. Check out this photo tour of the trip from Bantayan to Malapascua trip.

Leaving Bantayan (Before Group Shot)

Anchors away! Final Good bye to the Bantayan Island.

Welcome to Malapascua Island Beach!

The Boat Men who brought us safely to Malapascua Island

Arriving Malapascua (After Group Shot) — All wet!

Our stuff did not survive as well, in fact, all the contents of Chris bag were wet — nobody survive 🙂 I’m glad that the laptops we brought, we’re spared from the water.

Here is a shot of the cocobana double rooms. No aircon but very cool and has a kulambo (fish net) to protect you from the big mosquitoes.

Ah at last, we already got settled down and about to savor the charming beauty of Malapascua Island!

Life’s a Beach!


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  1. You have a very informative blog. You should write a guidebook about the Philippines. In the meantime I take notes and bookmark you ! Keep blogging !

  2. You know, I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now and I just want to say thanks a whole lot! Your blog is my source of places to dine. Keep it up!

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