Coffee Alamid @ Bag of Beans, Tagaytay


Here is another tip for you. Bag of Beans is the coffee place to be in Tagaytay. Here you will find the most expensive coffee that is proudly Philippines made! You should try out the roasted Coffee Alamid which has a sweet, chocolatey aroma that heightens the senses — light and naturally sweet. What makes this amazingly expensive is that the coffee beans are digested by the Philippine civet (a cat) which ferments the coffee beans and excreted as whole beans. If you did not get that, these are beans harvested in the civets waste by farmers in the wild forrest. It became known when it was tasted by Oprah who was surprised to know about the origins of this delicious coffee. Now, I guess this is enough trivia for you to impress your date 🙂 Check out the story of –> Coffee Alamid!

By the way, Bag of Beans is along the main highway in Tagaytay after passing by the Mendez intersection but before reaching the Tagaytay radars or the way going to Antonio’s. If you need more detailed instructions, email me at


9 thoughts on “Coffee Alamid @ Bag of Beans, Tagaytay

  1. They also have good bread here – doughy and full of that homemade taste and feel. Their meat pies are much celebrated, but I find them forgettable.

  2. we will be a potential business partner,I can supply you with alamid droppings which si so abundant in Kalamansig, Sultan Kudarat.
    Marlon Malana

  3. We were there today. They no longer serve Coffee Alamid. They stopped around 6 months ago, according to the server. And please beware that when the waiter offers “butter and jam” with any bread that you order for dining, you get charged for the “butter and jam.” We ordered cinnamon and raisin bread, which cost P60 on the menu. When I questioned why we were being charged P134 for the bread, it turns out the “butter and jam” cost P50, plus service charge and EVAT, of course. It’s a typical serving of butter and jam, the kind that comes free with bread at other restaurants. When I told the server that the charge should be indicated on the menu, or that the waiter should, at least, inform the customer that he has to pay for those items, she kept up her seemingly I-don’t-care stance, which I noticed from the time we walked into the place. And we didn’t even ask for the damn “butter and jam.” I don’t think I need to endure this kind of service (or lack of), when there are new and better places to go to in Tagaytay. And the beef and mushroom pie was forgettable.

  4. been there many times! there straberry cheesecake is awesome!! + hot choco as well as their choco cinnamon yummy!!!!!!!!

  5. i want to have a taste,how much per cup?what flavor is your best seller?are you open 4 franchising?i just want to try to have a little store of your product

  6. We were there yesterday and I think its best to order just coffee, bread and pie there. Nothing special with the salad, the porter house was tough and too salty.. and they said that it was a house special..

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