Sugarnot!’s Last Temptation


I have glad and sad news for you. I’m glad that there are bakeshops now that are catering to the healthier lifestyle trend. Sugarnot along South Super Hiway is a blessing for us. I first heard of this from Carlos’ who recommended it in his blog. Their bestseller, Last Temptation Cake is sugar-free and they are using maltitol powder instead. This powder is a sugarless sweetener and green food with pure sweet taste. The sad news is, the taste needs a lot of getting use to and there are no crowd every time I pass by this place. So I’m worried that this might not survive specially in the Philippine’s high-carb diet scene.

Simple Bakeshop with only a few assortment of Cake. Of course, first off to try is the Last Temptation bestseller. We also tried the oatmeal cookie, and we can mixed reactions on it.

Undoubtedly it looks good, but the taste should be acquired for these sugar-free cakes and it is sadly, forgettable.

Sugarnot! How sweet it is…
Labaire Building, 5462 South Superhiway cor. Malvar, Bangkal, Makati
Tel# 889-3427, 889-4573


8 thoughts on “Sugarnot!’s Last Temptation

  1. Hi Anton,
    I’m glad you posted this. I pass this place everytime I head south on my way to work and wondered what the name meant. I’ll email this to my in-laws and parents.
    Thanks from a fellow foodie!

  2. Sugarnot has a newly opened branch at Megamall, 5/F. Tried it out but was not impressed in their meals. Pasta was just so-so. hungarian sausage was so-so. And they don’t have ketchup. Oh well. But the tiramisu tasted great! It’s sugar free.

  3. In contrary to those who doesnt appreciate the cakes and other meals… This is a must try to not only diabetic people but healthy ones even and figure-conscious people too. I have tried their cakes just this afternoon.. the new one, ultimate temptation and their sandwiches and my hubby tried their pasta and breads and other pastries and they’re all superb!!!! and in a very affordable price. I would say this is now my most favorite cafe’

  4. I finally got to eat at The Block branch, after skipping the nearer Podium one.
    The Last Temptation tastes OK. For sweetness lovers it’s sugar-like enough to enjoy without the dizziness afterwards.
    The Caramel Chocolate tastes like… that defunct cafe that used to be near Herrera (Rufino) corner Legaspi Sts., Legaspi Village. What was that place again? It also used to be at Greenbelt 3 Cinema, and I think it started in Paranaque.
    I don’t think Sugarnot is affordable though… ! Well I guess it is if you’re diabetic.

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