a Prayer for Romi Garduce’s First Pinoy Mt Everest Quest…


I break my vacation silence to express my good luck wishes and prayers to Romi who just reached Mt. Everest Basecamp. This is a very dangerous climb that could mean life or death situation and I’m really worried at the same time proud that the dream is within reach in a month’s time. I know that you want to die on a mountain but this is not the one, you still have a few summits to go and conquer the rest of the 7 summits and make us Filipinos proud. We pray that you go home safely whether you are successful or not and we don’t want to lose the very unique Romi character that we have grown to love and appreciate. May He guide you to the right path and strategies and may He give you the strength to conquer Mt. Everest! Amen.


Please send your good luck wishes and support @ the Official Chomolungma (Tibetan Name of Everest) Site: http://everest2006pinoy.blogspot.com/

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