Are you a Vieux Chalet virgin?


Are you a Vieux Chalet virgin? If yes, then you are missing on one of the finest swiss cuisine in the Philippines for 21+ years now. Yes, I was a Vieux Chalet virgin too along with my friends Lui and Maong. I was ashamed that I was only able to try this out last Saturday and I cannot call myself a certified food adventurer if I was not able to try this out. If you are looking for that quaint out-of-the-way restaurant that serves excellent food made from the freshest natural ingredients and mostly home-made from its pasta, bread, cheese, etc., Vieux Chalet is the place to be! As an added bonus, you get a magnificent view of city lights during dinner time and excellent excellent service from Rico!! Vieux Chalet is Antipolo’s pride and best kept secret established by Tony Hassig for 21+ years now (since 1984) and it sits on top of the hill in the middle of a subdivision. It has been a witness to countless valentines date, anniversary dinners, and surprise dates for love ones that is truly memorable. Servings are generous perfect for sharing and family-style dining. The trip to this place is not that easy but it’s definitely worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

Vieux Chalet Ambiance

The place is small about 10 tables so reservation is always a must specially if you want to have a good view beside the windows.

A piano area.

This was a house converted into a restaurant.

In my opinion this is the best table since it has a full view of the city lights. This place is very conducive for the barkada or family dinner. We went up in Vieux Chalet at around 9pm already they they normally closes at 10.30pm or until the last person leaves.

The Swiss Cuisine @ Vieux Chalet.

Italian Soup (P265). Medium serving good for 3-4 persons. Deliciouso!

Mixed Vegetable Salad (P265). Medium serving also good for 3-4 persons. The salad is crispy fresh and the dressing is tasty.

Fettucine Padilla Pasta (P565). Large serving good for 4-6 persons. Home-made pasta coupled with fresh cream from a cow’s milk served with the fresh mushroom ingredient. Most of the ingredients are home-made that is why the pasta is smooth and yummy.

Gindara Fish in White Wine Sauce (P485). We love the fish and it seems that you can never go wrong with whatever you order from this restaurant.

This is the main restaurant. There is actually a St. Moritz Cottage beside this that you can rent for P6,000 with a beautiful garden and swimming pool. Best to go here in the morning to get a good shot of the entire place.


Swiss-inspired Romantic Dining on a hill in Antipolo byย Susan Hassig with an awesome view of Manila at night.

Address:ย Taktak Road, Antipolo City
Telephone: +632 697-0396,
Mobile: +63 917 856-5175
Facebook:ย Vieux Chalet
Note: Accepts Cash

Driving Directions:
Go up to Antipolo via the Sumulong Highway and you have to drive way past the Padi’s point and Cloud 9 (you’re just half way through the Sumulong highway). Your first landmark is the banker’s subdivision on your right where after seeing it, you need to turn right on the first intersection after Banker’s. Go along the road and you need to turn right to Villa Christina/ Mari Arcway. This is a narrow street so don’t be surprised. You should start to see signs of Vieux Chalet, if not just go straight and there will be a sign that would show you to go up a steep hill. You should be able to see Vieux Chalet or St. Moritz Cottage on your left.

Download Map to Vieux Chalet



45 thoughts on “Are you a Vieux Chalet virgin?

  1. I’d heard rumors a few years ago that Vieux Chalet had closed. Thank goodness that’s not true! I like your shots, Anton, particularly the soup shot. You’re doing an outstanding job promoting the Philippines. Kudos!

  2. Anton, you ar doing a great job. You make me discover a lot of places that aren’t mentiond in any of the traditional guidebooks.
    Great pictures and to the point descriptions!

  3. Anton, your blogs has been an inspiration. i hope you don’t mind if I do a similar site as yours. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Your blog on Vieux Chalet is great. Your site is giving me lots of idea where to go to in PI when I come for vacation.
    Btw, any idea where and what to do for a nice treat for my special someone? I’m preparing for a special getaway treat. Your suggestion is appreciated. Please email me. Thanks!

  4. I thought they were closed too,,,good to hear its not true.
    I love your blog, am going home in a few weeks and I think I have my must do list all set.

  5. Why don’t you try also : JT’s (Joel Torre’s) Manukan in Ortigas Extension, Mang Jimmy’s near UP, Chateau Verde (inside UP),Ay See! (near ULTRA), Top of the Citi (Citibank Tower, Makati)…?

  6. Outstanding photos! Excellent write up. Vieux Chalet is 22 years old. Parents started the business when I was a year old. Please come and visit!
    Cheers! From Downunder

  7. I’m glad to hear vieux chalet is still open. My family and i used to go there quite often and we absolutely loved the restaurant with it’s home-y ambience, hearty and delicious meals, and friendly staff.
    A word to the wise though. Don’t ever go there for valentine’s. I remember a few years back when i recommended vieux chalet to a friend as the perfect v-day date place. I extolled all the virtues of the place, and having convinced them, they eagerly booked a table. However, i later learned that they had the most horrible valentine’s day experience ever. The food was mediocre and the service was bad. They waited for a full hour before the appetizer was even served. By that time they were already starving. I think the owner made the mistake of overbooking the place (instead of just the usual 4 or 5 tables in the main house, additional tables were put up also in the st moritz cottage).
    In any case, i hope their valentine’s day set-up has changed since then. But just to be on the safe side, go visit the place on a regular day and i’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

  8. I’m glad to know they’re still open! I used to eat there with my family back when I was around 12 (I’m 29 now!) because we live near Antipolo. But I still remember my favorite… their Cannelloni! Also, I remember that they sell fresh milk and the cow is just by the restaurant! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. hi anton, great job. i really love all your entries! i just figured that there’s a lot to explore in the the country & that our culture has indeed diversified. congratulations! i hope to see more entries & pics.
    i’ll try to visit this resto in antipolo. i think this will be a great place for hubby and me to celebrate our anniversary. keep up the good work, man!

  10. Dear Anton,
    Thank Heaven there are people like u who help us rediscover the gourmet side of Philippine cuisine. Pero question for those naman na gaya ko na gourmand and cheap ano ang mga places that you can suggest that will cater to birthday bashes na ang per cover or per person is around the likes of 500 pesos lang. Gusto ko kasi na mag celebrate ng birthday sa family member ko pero limited naman ang budget.
    Thanks ha

  11. This is a great writeup on Vieux Chalet! Should you go back to the place (a must!), another great thing to try is their lamb. This is ffiiiinne. A little on the expensive side, but indulging on this would really make it worth the extra buck. However, be sure to call in advance and reserve the dish because it may be out of stock. I have been going to Vieux Chalet, once a year for my anniversary dinner and this is a tradition we will never, ever be tired of repeating each year. Oh, and don’t forget to try their chocolate ice cream, it is homemade and one of the best I have had so far. Describing it would not be enough.

  12. My wife and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary in Vieux Chalet last night. I had the Lamb Shoulder with red wine sauce and it was wicked! My palette had never had such indulgence.
    The owner, Susan, was even kind enough to strike a conversation with us, telling us about the history of the place. She even gave us a book as gift for our anniversary.
    Will definitely be back here maybe with 2 other friends so that we can enjoy their “good for 4” meals.

  13. Stumbled on this write-up just now. I love the place. We were a big group when we went there around ’93 and the service was excellent. Should go back.
    Thanks, Anton.

  14. i like this entry. our family went to vieux chalet a few years ago after hearing good reviews about the place. true, it really takes an extra effort to go all the way to the place but it’s really worth it. food is great, nice ambience, good service. the owners also talked to us and gave us a souveneir (an antique vase). i should go back soon.

  15. went there last march with my friends and the xoerience was superb!i wont forget their roasted knuckles.i dont eat salads but vieux chalet changed my mind with their mixed vegetables was a weekday when we went there so we were able to get a table by the window.
    their chocolate ice cream was also good and so is the four kinds of sausages meal, i dont know exactly what they call it.
    my birthday is next week and we just went to antipolo before dinner…
    we just booked the st.moritz cottage got a really good price php2500 for the whole 2 floors cottage, their room for couples is simple but has a very romantic ambience.they even have a balcony with the city view and included in that reservation is a breakfast for two plus the pool! we can have the place for an overnight stay(12 hours).
    im really excited going back there on tuesday! it’s my boyfriends first time to visit the place and after we went down the stairs he just hugged me so tight! he also fell inlove with the place like i did the first time i went there.
    im sure my birthday will be memorable!

  16. Thank you for featuring Vieux Chalet. We were there this afternoon and was amazed by the wonderful ambiance and great food this place has to offer. I live in Antipolo as well and am proud to have such a place where my best friends and I can spend the whole day and be delighted with conversations and great food. Rico is also the best! We will definitely come back soon. By the way, we got lost on the way there but took a really really narrow road on the opposite fork and found that road quite mystical and interesting. Thanks again.

  17. hi, this site has been very helpful. I am thinking of a place where we could celebrate my girlfriend’s bday. still haven’t decided though.. still choosing between vieux chalet, bistro filipino, or le souffle..tnx

  18. Hi Anton!
    Thanks for this blog entry… I’m from Antipolo and I’ve never been to Vieux Chalet (what a shame). I’ll check it out with my friends and family ASAP. Cheers to you and your wonderful family!

  19. i love this place, when i saw on this blog there is a secret place here in antipolo which is vieux chalet, i made a trip down there, its just a few minutes a way from my place since i live in valley golf, there is a short cut going to taktak road, so it took me 5 mins to go there. But seriously, the food were amazing, so tasty, i will definetly comeback, thanks anton!

  20. Last Apr.28 my Gf and I celebrated our 5th anniversary, and she liked the place at nagulat kame sa ganda ng lugar kung iisipin malapit lang kame dito … thanks a lot for sharing this AAAAWWEESSOOMEE place anton, and i would like to share our moments ehehehe…
    *by the way sabi ni rico, lahat daw ng customer na nagpunta sa kanila sinasabi sinuggest daw ni anton and he thought na blogger kme ehehehe,,
    Thank You So Much Anton!!!!

  21. Me, my doctor friend (omel) & my teacher friend (olive) had finally set foot last night after going to antipolo church. The food is really good, we ate “osso buco” (fine bulalo in tomato paste & melted cheese), lemon grass iced tea & mango flambe (ripe mango strips, syrup & block of ice cream, hindi scoop ha, kala ko nga tokwa or diced cooking oil from baguio hehehehe!) for our dessert. Though most on the menu really cost us to order more maybe on our nxt visit (truly its very hard to seek, you must have your own car, sorry for the commuters) we’ll be trying the others just to satisfy the indulgence needed by our palets (mga food trippers kasi kami, after seeing in the tv new place to dine, go agad kami!) More power to you guys, now i know why the late master rapper frequented the swiss resto. By the way, i just known this place when they were featured as one of the best restos (ANG PINAKA) & drew arellano’s BALIKBAYAN featuring francis m. One more thing, while waiting for orders to be served, for health’s sake they must offer the guests insect repellant coz mosquitoes feasted on our arms (what do you think?)

  22. Hi Anton!
    We went here for breakfast with the family and expected it to be open by 7am as most blog entries say their operating hours are, however this day they opened at 8 am so we had to wait a bit longer since we arrived early. Only Florence Hassig was in the resto, so I missed Rico 9from blog stories). Maybe they were busy the night before since the place was still a mess. Anyway, napakabait talaga nila, Flo was really super asikaso but since she was alone she was changing the table linens, getting our orders and going to the kitchen. Anyway at past 8am the staff got there and opened the windows,romantic music started up and our table was prepared in the best spot of the resto fronting the city view.We ordered brunch, swiss farmers and very hungry something. The kids loved their hot chocolate. The bread was crisp but the marmalade came late, we also didn’t get our juice,maybe they just forgot. The sausages and ham were great though.We tried their chocolate ice-cream (read it was good and homemade)but it was so soft (melted) in consistency parang chocolate milkshake and had an odd taste, baka last stock na yun. We really wanted the chocolate parfait but it was out of stock.Maybe to appreciate the swiss menu one has to dig in their soups, salads and main entrees.Maybe next time we can do that for lunch or dinner. And yes, they need to do something about the mosquitoes.

  23. What a find! All troubles are suspended while dining in this unusual charmer. Quaint, clean, friendly staff, close enough to the city but one might as well be hundreds of miles away. Quiet except for the soft strains of bossa nova in the background. I ordered the superb fettucini but couldn’t finish it. The excellent pizza was a pleasant surprise.
    Make reservations. Thankfully there was one empty table on a Sunday night and our party was accommodated. We did not get a table by the window but the view was great nonetheless.
    It was such a treat dining here. Of course I mentioned to the host that we found out about View Chalet through your blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Had lunch here the other day with my 2 adult children. Anton’s review was convincing so we went. We had pate de foie, garden mixed veggie salad, fettuccine alfredo, lamb shoulder & lemon grass coolers, all for P2,400+. Honestly,the experience was a let-down. The food was okey, but nothing really special. My own garden salad & fettuccine taste even better (im a good cook) We were actually choosing between Vieux & the buffet lunch of Richmonde Hotel Eastwood … aahh.. reviews can be misleading. But im glad we tried.

  25. i’m having a hard time calling them to make a reservation. i even sent an email. are there any other contact numbers available? please help.

  26. We went there last night to celebrate my wife’s birthday, and we are not disappointed with our choice of resto. The food are exceptional! We are delighted with our food and more so about the service. Sir Rico even went out of his way to provide us with complimentary Swiss Chocolate cake!

  27. After 30 years in operation, they should have their act together. When my wife and I went there for an early dinner (Feb. 22, 630PM), we were informed that they were fully booked since it was a Saturday and we had no reservations. We informed the captain or headwaiter that there was nothing posted on their website that requires a reservation. The rude fellow just answered “alam na ng mga sanay”. What kind of answer is that?
    This is a quote from the first line on their website: The Hassig Family is dedicated to continuing the tradition of fine Swiss Cuisine and Filipino hospitality, that is Vieux Chalet!
    Where is the Filipino hospitality in that? We don’t mind being turned away. But there is a gracious way of doing it without making guests feel bad.
    Maybe after 30 years of operation, the owners and staff already think too highly of themselves? Or maybe they are just tired as the place looks?

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