[Los Angeles vs. Manila #2] Hollywood’s famous Pink’s Hot Dog

This is one of the famous must-eat destination in LA, and I was extremely curious why a chili dog can be this famous for 66 years! Paul Pink started this hotdog stand in 1939 and it stood on the same spot, giving the same quality of hot dog for years. I’m glad that Atty. Joseph Joson who was kind enough to accompany me to eat in this so-called hot dog to the stars. The hot dog heritage is a great marketing sell and they have photos to prove it (amazing)! I’m not really fond of hotdogs and I’m eating a vegetable rich diet lately, but this one is a must try (not to mention my weakness is chili). In the Philippines, we don’t really have something equivalent to this and Ogie Doggie would be the closest but far from the heritage that Pink’s hotdog built over the years.

The verdict: The chili is phenomenal, polish dogs are the best! Read on…

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Their best seller is the Chili Cheese dog. Interestingly, they started to market Hot Dog variations branded by the preferences of a particular celebrity. For example, The Ozzy Spicy Dog by Ozzy Osbourne which is composed of the spicy Polish Dog, Nacho Cheese, American Cheese, grilled onions, guacamole and chopped tomatoes.

As you lined up and wait for your hot dog, your mouth waters as it is being prepared right in front of you.

Atty. Joseph Joson excited to eat his polish chili dog with nacho cheese and bacon.

My order was the second one from the left which is a hotdog with coleslaw and tomatoes. I should say that the standard hot dog tastes ordinary. I would recommend to go for the Polish Dog!

There was a small dining area with pictures of celebrities who visited Pink’s over the years with dedication.

There is normally a long line in front of this hotdog place and you really have to drive to this place because it is out-of-the-way.

Pink’s Hot Dog
709 N La Brea Ave (near melrose)
Los Angeles, CA 90038-3338,


6 thoughts on “[Los Angeles vs. Manila #2] Hollywood’s famous Pink’s Hot Dog

  1. darn. this is truly an orgasmic delight for a junkie like me… with extra hot sauce… thank the stars above for foods like this… although the only thing i remember to coming close to this street culinary delight is from smokeys when i was still in high school… with chili dog and extra onion and a dollop of mustard…

  2. hi anton ang ganda ng site mo, dapat bayaran ka ng DOT sa pag-promote mo sa magagandang tanawin ng ‘pinas anyways, i remember oe saturday i/m craving for hotdog so i haul my then 5 month old baby and husband to pink’s there was a very loong line one word of caution, do not go there on a saturday night very hungry, we were served after 1 1/2 hrs. in the line and it was so cold that night. i am planning togo home on sept. and my best friend is from nagcarlan,laguna so i might go to these places. thanks for sharing all of these

  3. Hello! I’m going through your travel posts as “research” for an upcoming trip when I saw this. And now I’m looking forward to going back to the west coast to sample Pink’s. If you haven’t tried already, I recommend Gray’s Papaya naman in New York. It’s cheap but one of the best I’ve tasted.
    Awesome blog, by the way. 😉

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