[Balesin Island#3] What to do in Balesin?


UPDATE 11/6/13: Check out the latest blog post on Balesin Island Club developed by Alphaland:
BALESIN ISLAND (ALPHALAND): Food Tripping Around the World in 7 Beach Resort Paradise!

If there is one word to describe Balesin, it would be “relaxing”. The idea is to escape from your busy life, relax and appreciate nature. In that sense, there’s really nothing else to do in this island but bond with nature and with your love ones. There are sports facilities in the resort which you can enjoy which includes: Beach Volleyball, Table Tennis, Tennis and a 6-hole golf course. But for you to fully enjoy Balesin, here are my top 10 recommended things to do when you are in the island.

SWIM. Enjoy the white sands beach and clear waters of Balesin.

WATCH. Make sure to watch the birds as they perform a song and dance for you.

RIDE. There are three ways you can explore the island, via their dilapidated jeepney, small banca, or by riding a bicycle. The latter one is the best (if you know how to ride a bike) where in you can really enjoy exploring the island at your own time and pace.

SWIM. again but on the other side of the island. There are lots of very nice beaches on the island such as the one above.

MASSAGE. Ah this is the best! The hilot massage is soo good but for P500 unfortunately. The other half of that goes to the resort manager and the other half to the therapist. Try to negotiate because even in Boracay, the massage is only P350!

BOATING. The only reason we tried boating in Balesin is because this is included in the package and we wanted to maximize it. It was nice to see this rocky tip but the waves on the other side of the island is normally strong so be careful.

EAT. Lots of fruits, buko juice and their home-made food. I’ll stop at this because I don’t want to rant about the food.

SUNSET. Ah, the beach is so perfect that the sunset is directly in front of Balesin Resort. Can you ask for more?

PHOTOGRAPHY. The island is photogenic. So for photo enthusiast such as me, Balesin is heaven for taking nice photos. It is also good to experiment and have fun with your shots 🙂

RELAX. Finally, just appreciate the trees, clouds, and the see. Don’t think about the future or the past. Live in the present and appreciate the things around you.


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  1. I should go out of Metro Manila… This is really beautiful.
    Fantastic pictures. I need to post some “nature” picture in my blog soon. This is an aspect that I didn’t covered yet.
    Excellent “work”, Anton!

  2. anton!
    i need your help. this is urgent.
    my friends and i are scheduled to go to puerto galera this coming friday and will be there til monday.
    however, i have checked a 10-day weather forcast and it seems that there will be thunderstorms everyday! i can’t believe this.
    of course we wouldn’t want to risk our lives on the way to galera.
    ok so here’s my question:
    can u suggest places where we can go to? since the beach isn’t an option, i was hoping maybe u know of any place na hindi expensive at all, pero enjoy naman with barkada.
    does this seem like a tall order? :\

  3. Hi there! Finally I was able to see real pictures of Balesin Island…(besides the one on their website) Now I’m convinced to have a short vacation there… Oh, I just need to update myself first with the weather, coz i think summer season ended up already… Too bad. And that eastern part of the country is usually hit by typhoons… Oh well! Good luck to me!
    More power to your weblog!

  4. Wonderful pictures. Balesin seems like a veritable paradise. The only thing is, it looks so flat judging with the picture you took from the boat. Normally that would be fine but I’m a little tsunami-concerned nowadays. I figure there’s nowhere to run if a tsunami hits? Is this on the pacific side of Quezon?

  5. ang balesin ay isang napakagandang lugar sa aming bayan sa polillo quezon,n apakalayo nito pero napakaganda nito subukan mo at d k mabibigo dahil sa kakaibang ganda ng lugar namin.kung may boracay ang aklan may balesin naman ang quezon.kaya anp pna hinihintay nyo sugod na sa balesin polillo quezon,para makapagrelax naman k U.go naaaa………………………………….hintayin k kyo dun nha…………kitakitz tayo.


  7. wow! meron pa lang white beach somewhere in quezon.
    ang ganda rin ng cam… ang lufet! sir, pwede ko ba malaman ang DSLR nyo? =)

  8. hi..there, iv been already in balesin with my friends…it’s super beautiful talaga…and mga tao very warm to entertain us…nkakatuwa..we stay of my friend house nga lang then sa paglalakad nmin nkita at daanan ang lanai resort its private…ang ganda nya kya lang parang abandoned na…kya ask ng mga sister ko kung meron dun ngaun house to rent…

  9. balesin island, isa sa mga pulo na sakop ng aking pinakamamahal na bayan ng Polillo, Quezon. sa totoo lang, hindi lang iyan ang white beach sa Polillo. marami pang mga isla sa Polillo na white beach tulad ng Pandan, Bini, sa dami ng mga isla doon na white sand eh aabutin pa bukas kung iisa-isahin. maraming mga magagandang tanawin at experiences ang makikita sa mga pulong ito. bawat isla, may kanya-kanyang kwento.

  10. ok this beach is wow! now how do we get there? yung tipong back packer, sasakay ng bus,jeep,tricycle,ferry atbp. and can we just pitch a tent there? thanks!

  11. hi p[o sa lahat tga quezon province po ako,ang balesin po ay isang baranggay ng polillo kung saan po ako nakatiora.napaka ganda po ng balesin ang prov. lng malayo po e2 at laging masama ang panahon sa amin.i hpoe po n makapasyal kayo dun.


  13. ang ganda po talaga na Polillo!!!!!im proud to be a polander!!!!heheh…let’s improve and keep our beautiful spots…..Mabuhay ang Polillo!!!!!=) The hidden Paradise of Quezon!!!!

  14. __** awesome!! thats the first thing that came out of my mouth the time saw this wonderful island in quezon..even if polilio is not my hometown, i felt really proud because i reside in alabat quezon, where balesin is just behind our island.. unfortunately,too far.. i am planning to visit there as soon as possible..

  15. the best po talaga ang Balesin Island,kaya ngayong darating na summer punta na po kayo dyan,clear water at white beach at the best din po ang pagkain dyan,tahimik at siguradong marerelax kayo.

  16. magkano po ba rates nila d2???text me po for info..we’re planning to go here after xmas e..there will be like 20 of us…thanks po.. 09153148932

  17. magkano po ba rates nila d2???text me po for info..we’re planning to go here after xmas e..there will be like 20 of us…thanks po.. 09153148932

  18. hi!there,im paolo.taga polillo quezon ang nak2sakop sa isla ng balesin.napaka ganda po ng lugar white sands,rock formations,basat madami.pero alm nio po b na polillo island eh madami ding white beaches.picnic grove tinatawag nmin e2ng pulong bato.sang ayon sa mga sabi sabi dati e2ng kuta ng mga pinoy na nagtatago sa mga hapon pero nasira nung digmaan kaya iyon nag kalat yung malalaking tipak na bato sa tabing dagat, so ganda tlga pag umakyat ka sa mga bato tanaw mo ang kai\bilang isla, ang ganda ng tanawin……….

  19. Hi! I saw the pictures posted here and they are beautiful! How can we get there coz we are from manila? Me and my friends are planning to go out this holy week and this seems to be ideal. Is this the best time to go and visit the place? Are there hotels or resorts where we can check in? what other recreational activities does the island offers? do you have any contact number where we can inquire?
    Thank you in advance!!!

  20. alam ko naman pilipino ka po… magtagalog na lng po ako…
    pwede po ba magpatulong pano makakarating sa balesin island..matagal ko na kasi naririnig yan kaya gusto ko mapuntahan… eto po email add ko…

  21. Wow, I Miss Balesin, My Home Land.. Sana makabalik ako jan pag uwi ko. Namiss kuna ang Pamamana ng Isda Jan.
    sa mga kamag anak ko jan at mga kumpare at kaibigan HAPPY FIESTA sa May 30-31.
    FYI-Balesin the Small Paradise in the Pacific. Panis ang Boracay at Palawan.
    Balesin Island is the anti-Boracay. No noisy rabble hogging the beaches. No misplaced themed restaurants spoiling the local fauna. No noisy tricycles farting diesoline fumes. Balesin Island is nothing but a horizon of white sand, crystal waters and lush greenery at daytime, and a sky of glittering stars and fireflies at night.
    Visit to: http://www.balesin.com/
    Lumaki at nag kaisip sa ISLA.. PROUD na PROUD NA TAGA BALESIN…
    CP: +9745200350 – Doha Qatar
    roaming: +639289723439
    E-mail and Friendster: sir_wally_malabonga@yahoo.com.ph

  22. hi guys…
    ive been there many times.. napaka virgin ng island for me `its a paradise island`
    whenever im there.. nakakalitan ko prob ko..
    hayss every summer xcited ako to go back there
    for me mas ok dun kesa sa boracay.. kasi napaka linis ng place… simpleng buhay.. tahimik… pag andunka para kang malapit na sa langit.. hehehe nag sesenti nanamn ako.. basta guys talgang masarap mag stay sa balesin island,.,,,

  23. omg..d ku alam na pinaguusapan d2 ang balesin island..kggleng ko lang jan..and i must say..i left my heart in this sweet paradise..sobrang saya d2 sa lugar na toh..pero talagang nakakamanhid ng puwet ang byahe..sa likod ng balesin ng pacific ocean..for me mas maganda pa d2 kesa sa boracay..i cried when we left yesterday..if tourist ka..dayo ang tawag nila sayo..pag dating mo lahat ng tao nakatitig sayo..malayo ang barrio sa fishing or sa tabing dagat..and if your like a beautiful maiden..tatangahan ka ng mga kalalakihan d2..sa gabi ng may 30 may sayawan ang mga dalaga at binata..sa gabi dn nman ng may 31 ay may sayawan ng lahat ng tao..dances dun ay chacha,folk,modern and sweet..maganda din mamangka jan..lalo na pag hibas or low tide..kahit sobrang layo mo na sa dalampasigan hanggang bewang p din ang tubig..yngatz nga lang dahel merong mga sea urchin and sea snake..madami ding umang or hermmit crab and starfish jan..puro ang buhangin at sobra sa kaputian..sa lanay ang mga cottages ng mga dayo..may lugar din jan na tinatawag na yungib..you can find nemo there..sa shoko ay may old house..sa loob non ay may malaking painting ng 2 kalabaw na may nakasakay na mapaka daming bata..they say that those kids are running around near the house especially at night..sa tabi nung painting ay may bato ng dalmation dog..parang buhay ung aso..they say nanghaharang xa sa daan..and so creepy..coz we have this uncle na nakaencounter sa dog na yun..he shoot ung foot nung dog..pag punta nila ng shoko..they saw that the foot of the dog ay sira..creepy..but still its suh a nice place talaga..super relaxing..super ganda..what a paradise.

  24. from cubao..sakay kayo ng bus papuntang atimonan,quezon..but first you must be updated kung may bangka na available papuntang balesin,,one boat that i know is san diego..4 hours ang byahe..if sa baleno kayo sumakay 8 hours..unfortunately ung mga magagarang cellphone d2 ay binabaliwala lang coz walang cgnal d2,walang electricity..makakapagtext kalang sa opis sa lanay..or sa may fishing..5php ang isang text..they have this super antena na kinakabit sa antena ng phone tulad ng 5110..hehe..may kuryente lang pag 6-10 pm..they use ung mga generators..you can reach balesin by air..but idk that stuffs..

  25. ang balesin subok na bawat salita akoy nag hihintay lamang sa bawat kataga.inyong malalanam sa aming pag punta ang inyong isla ay sadyang ka aya2x,subukan nyo ng inyong makita.ang mga kataga valenzuela ay sadyang hahanga,c/o wally malabonga,erpat libre na kami,hintayin nyo po ang aming pag punta aking ama ikaw ay ndi mapapahiya,sana po sa bawat kataga libre na kami parang awa mo na

  26. ang balisin nais ko makita dahil ss salita sya ay maganda.nais ko makita ng akoy mapahanga kung ang balisin ba ay sadyang kaayaya.ang kaibigan ko ay tubong balisin sinasabi nya itoy masagana,makikita ko lang ito sa aking pag uwi.wally malabonga yan ngalan nya ng akin ay kakilala,sya ay nagyayabang ang balisin ay sadyang napakaganda,sana ako ay mapahanga sa tib=nuran nya dahil sa kanyang sakaita ako ay napahanga

  27. Would anyone know of a contact number for a resort or a place to stay in Balesin?
    balesin.com states that the resort is under renovation.
    Much obliged.

  28. if you’re still interested, i think i can get a number there. there’s cottages there w/ different owners as well and the people living there are the caretakers of these cottages. u might want to rent if u really wanna go and if the resort is closed for renovations. i dont know who the owners are but they might probably be interested if you want to rent their cottages. i know some people living there… i used to go there w/ my aunt when i was little… it is really a beautiful place. so quiet, so pure, i love it there.. wish i could go back… maybe soon…

  29. hi, anyone na naka punta sa balesin can tell the total package they spent? like how much yung air fare? pede ba by land going to pulillo then boat ride to balesin island? ther’s also a nice island beach resort in mauban, quezon – Cagbalete Island.. I think this one is cheaper than balesin? and its nice too..here’s the link http://www.cagbalete.com/gallerysite.htm

  30. hi, can you tell the contact person and number to rent the place in the island? you know how much is the package (air or land fare, rent of place, food, facilities ect. for 4days 3nights. tnx

  31. ask ko lang is baselin island totally owned ny alphaland?wala nko mahanp n hotel packages for baselin island, except sa alphaland?monopolized n ba and island?haist

  32. balesin island is now owned by alphaland. you have to be a member to be able to visit balesin. such a beautiful place indeed:)

  33. OMG! I have been in Polilio Island but never had an idea of Balesin! It’s such a pearl in the eastern of the Orient. True enough, for a week that I visited Polilio, there was no signal and the seashore was full of seaweeds. I remember we had to walk through those from the bangka going to the shore. Natives there explained that this depicts the virginity of the island shooing away the impressions of commercialisation.

  34. Hi yhen! I’am very interested with your offer… My family and I would really love to go balesin and were looking for members who can refer us to the management if you’re still good to go, kindly and please do Email me at nicolecatanes@yahoo.com. Thankyou!

  35. Hi yhen! I’am very interested with your offer.. My family and I would really love to go there but were looking for members who can refer us to the management. I would really appreciate your help,yhen. If you’re still good to go kindly email me and please do.. at nicolecatanes@yahoo.com thankyou and may god bless you

  36. Hi mhy! How did you get there? Hmm. Interesting.. Maybe you could help me and my family to visit there because we really love to! Were actually looking for a member of the island who can refer us to the management if you know one I would really appreciate your help.. Kindly email me and please do.. At nicolecatanes@yahoo.com thankyou!

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