[ElNido Palawan#2] Shimizu Island, El Nido


This is what I love most about El Nido. You have your own private get away with no boats in sight and with the white beach all to your self. What is so unique about Shimizu is this is where you would go for snorkeling and a nature perfect photo setup. Make sure that you arrange a private lunch trip or a snorkeling activity in this place. I’ll like to share with you a few more photos of this place and I’m starting to miss this already. After our El nido trip, all of us agreed to start saving up for another El Nido fund to go to this place in 2008 (hopefully)!

We decided to have our own private lunch setup here and with the trademark El Nido white umbrella. Actually, since we went on a peak period (May 1 Golden Week) there were a lot of local tourist from the El Nido town also visiting Shimizu. In this regard, it was actually awkward when we are eating with all the setup you see above while they are eating cowboy picnic style. You can see the two boats in the background but they left shortly after. So the lesson is: Go to El Nido during non-peak period or pre-arrange your private lunches way in advance.

Aidan actually enjoyed here because the water was warm and the saltiness was tolerable. The black rugged rocks and clear blue sky is perfect back drop for this family shot!

The rock at the back is the trademark of Shimizu island which I heard is named after the Japanese guy who owned club Noah.

Another view with the rocks in the foreground. Actually, this place was a perfect setup for a fun photo shoot. This is where we shot the FHM poses and these photos would remain private ūüôā


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4 thoughts on “[ElNido Palawan#2] Shimizu Island, El Nido

  1. Anton,
    You take nice pictures. I have enjoyed reading your web page because it brings back some memories of the Philippines. I have not been back in five years. I am planning to take my wife and son (he’ll be 18 months) next January to El Nido. Anyway, your blogs are giving me some ideas of places to visit and restaurants to eat at!
    Thank you for the many ideas!

  2. How much kaya ang budget for a family of 3 para magenjoy sa El Nido?
    I love your blogs at ang dami ko natututunan.

  3. PhP 9,300 El Nido Package including Underground River and Honda Bay Island Hopping Tours w/ Free Lunch Buffet
    Minimum of 8 persons. Air Fare is NOT included.
    Contact Us
    Ms. Laarni Dalde
    0917 363 2280

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