[Mall of Asia 02] A Virtual Tour of the Grand Opening of the Mall of Asia


This globe is now the official symbol of the Mall of Asia (MOA). If you notice, the Philippines is at the center of the globe and it sits proudly at the center of MOA. It opened yesterday, May 21, 2006 and a lot of people from different walks of life were there to witness its opening — from the tsinelas crowd, to the middle class citizens and to the elite of Society. For those of you who decided to sit back and wait until the maddening crowd have settled down over the opening of MOA, I would say good decision on your part. You have to bring with you a lot of patience just to wait in line in the parking and elevators, or just walking around the mall because of the huge crowd traffic, not to mention the summer heat we are still experiencing. I’ll give you a sneak preview of MOA…

I’m glad that Henry Sy dedicated to only build a two-story mall structure so as not to destroy the beauty of the place. You can see the roof of the place from the two 6-story parking towers in the north and south side of MOA.

Finally, an olympic size skating rink! At last, we can now play ice hockey in the tropical paradise of the Philippines 🙂

SOP was there during the opening in this open air Music Hall area in the Entertainment Mall with a view of Manila Bay in the back.

There is an overpass that goes from the entertainment mall directly to seaside boulevard which is where you can already see the 2km shoreline of Manila bay.

This is the open air south wing where they attempted to have ala greenbelt ambiance. But it was so hot and humid that you’ll get sick from entering a hot open air south/north wing to the extremely cold airconditioned main mall.

This was the huge crowd divisoria traffic inside the main mall. I’m glad that we are still able to navigate Aidan who was behaved while sitting on his stroller in this crowd.

There are lots of game places like this and play houses for the kids. Truly, this is one big playground for the kids 🙂

Mango on the ground floor, with Zara right on top in the second floor. How can you go wrong with having a one stop shopping for fashion in MOA?

This is one of my rants about MOA. Why did they built the mall so close to the shoreline. I could actually argue that it destroys the natural beauty of this boardwalk with lots of cars as you can see. We never learn our lessons in Roxas Blvd when we build the roads so near the shoreline. Frankly this scene is ugly for me. I can now imagine how crowded the World Pyro Olympics will be this coming December…

Super SM Supermarket — we did not bother to came in because of this maddening crowd by the entrance.

This is one of the nice view in the entertainment mall. Although the landscaping is still not perfect not even close to the landscaping of greenbelt.

Sunday mass is held here at 9am, 10.30am and 5.30pm so avoid this area during those times or you can just hear mass at 9am and be on time for the MOA 10am opening with free parking.

The First Imax Theater in Asia!! Thank you Henry Sy for bringing Imax in the Philippines, yoohoo!!


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50 thoughts on “[Mall of Asia 02] A Virtual Tour of the Grand Opening of the Mall of Asia

  1. From the view of the exterior, MOA seems to be beautiful. But the inside seem to look just like Megamall. Nothing really special except for the skating rink, IMAX, view of Manila bay and probably SM hypermarket and also the fact that it’s currently the biggest mall in PH. What do you think does MOA have to offer aside from the mentioned above that the other malls don’t have (in terms of shops and restos)?
    I guess Ayala now has to start building an IMAX theater (to give SM a competition). By the way, how much does it cost to watch in an IMAX theater?

  2. inaantay ko ang pag bukas ng Ted’s Lap Paz batchoy at Krispy Kreme!!!!
    dunno if timezone is already open? they got to storespaces.. ganun ka laki.
    may bago na naman akong tambayan..
    and a lot of interesting shops.. especially food shops nandun sa MOA.. tagal pa sweldo.. tsk tsk

  3. Just want to know where the location of this Mall of Asia, So next i visit PI I know where to shop.

  4. I’m so excited to go back to PI. I want to go to the MOA. I think it’s a big difference for us.

  5. This is a good addition to our business sector. It looks like another success story that is unfolding.
    If we can bring more retirees to the Philippines, we can support this kind of establishment. If we can improve the security in our country, this will just be the beginning of our independence. As a future retiree, I am willing to give it a try as long as it is safe back home. Imagine the amount of spendable cash these retirees have, in millions of dollars a month? Spend it at home and we will prosper.
    Bacoor, Cavite

  6. Looks like it’s a spectacular mall. How can they say the Philippines is poor when it seems we can’t have enough of shopping malls. Filipinos just love to “shop till you drop”. It’s good for the economy.

  7. Can someone tell me the names of the jewlery stores located in the MOA in Manila and if they have a website i can view? Thank you

  8. actually is not that poor in terms of economic stability of the country. I mean philippines is one of the tiger nation in asia as you can see the peso, is the strongest currency in asia so thats why the philippines will not be considered as a poor country actually a lot of foreign investor look at the philippines as one of strategic point in asia were you can invest here if you are a businessman.
    The Mall of Asia is one of example of how good the philippines attracts this kind of big projects, Why is that henry sy the owner of SM Prime holders gambles he’s money and resources to the Mall of Asia simply because the philippines is well known country in the world it attracts approximately 500,000 tourist everyday. We have Boracay, Palawan, Bohol where the Chocolate hills are located. Baguio where rice terraces is also located.
    Mall of Asia is not an ordinary mall, it has a lot of features were any other malls in the world can’t rivals the experienced and ambienced of MOA.
    The SM Mall of Asia is the largest shopping mall in the Philippines and the 3rd largest shopping mall in the world. In terms of gross floor size, it is next to the Golden Resources Mall in China and the West Edmonton Mall in Canada). It opened on May 21, 2006[1].
    The Mall of Asia was constructed within the reclamation area, west of Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City, aptly nicknamed “Bay City”. It is built on 19.5 hectares of reclaimed land and has a gross floor area of 386,224 square meters. The mall is located at the southmost tip of Epifanio de los Santos Avenue. A roundabout was constructed in the front of the mall with a huge bronze globe similar to Universal Studios. An esplanade was constructed at the back of the mall where it served as the observation center for the First World Pyro Olympics in December 2005.
    The Mall of Asia was constructed within the reclamation area, west of Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City, aptly nicknamed “Bay City”. It is built on 19.5 hectares of reclaimed land and has a gross floor area of 386,224 square meters. The mall is located at the southmost tip of Epifanio de los Santos Avenue. A roundabout was constructed in the front of the mall with a huge bronze globe similar to Universal Studios. An esplanade was constructed at the back of the mall where it served as the observation center for the First World Pyro Olympics in December 2005.
    The mall consists of four buildings interconnected by walkways: the Main Mall, Entertainment Mall, and the North and South Carpark Buildings. One of its unique features is a 20-seater tram to make it easier for shoppers to go around. The management’s priority is to make sure shoppers will not get lost inside the mall. There will be two concierge desks—one in the Main Mall and another in the Entertainment Mall. Maps will be given out, and there will be signs aplenty. The Main Mall will include shopping and dining establishments, the food court. The South Parking building will house the SM Department store and half of the 5,000 parking spaces while the North Parking building will include the SM Hypermarket, a spacious office space and more dining areas.
    The mall’s main attraction is the first ever IMAX theater in the country, along with a Director’s Club Theater for intimate screenings (30 La-Z-Boy seats), a Premiere Cinema, and six regular cinemas. The mall also features an Olympic sized skating rink and a science museum. The mall also provides office space. Dell International Services, a subsidiary of Dell, Inc. occupies a 13,470.5-square meter area at the second floor of the north parking building of the mall.
    Adjacent to the south parking building, a two-hectare area has been allocated for the site of a 16,000-capacity multi-purpose coliseum/arena for sporting events, concerts and entertainment shows. It is set to rival the 50-year old Araneta Coliseum in Cubao, Quezon City. Furthermore, a planned convention/conference center measuring 12,000 square meters will be built as an attractive venue for major conferences and trade exhibits. The convention center once constructed, will be a newer alternative to the Philippine International Convention Center, erected in 1976, located a few blocks away. Along with this, two hotel developments, one with a casino, are also planned for construction.
    Also set to the right of the north parking building, The SM i-City is a 69,300-square-meter area allocated to serve as a prime venue for companies engaged in software development and IT-enabled services. A mix of single and multi-storey buildings will be developed to provide for the office and workspace requirements of prospective IT-related locator companies and for support office and backroom operations of business process outsourcing. The first building, OneE-comCenter, began March 8, 2006 and is scheduled for completion in July 2007.
    Mall of Asia is a must-see mall in the world.

  9. WOW! Thanks for this comprehensive posts. This is one blog post in itself. Thanks for contributing to the discussion and I would agree with you that Philippines is becoming a nice place to invest. Sometimes we just need to open our eyes and don’t be caught up with the negative things that the media presents.

  10. I really feel we’ve had enough of negative reporting on TV and radio. That’s why I don’t watch and listen to them. I want to look at our country in a positive way and I believe
    that the Philippines is a wonderful country. The SM Mall of ASIA has made me proud to be a Filipino not because it’s a big shopping mall but because of the faith of the owner to invest 7 Billion Pesos for this project in the Philippines. This has proven that the Philippines is worth the investment and believes in the bright future of the country.

  11. To Frank, they have Acme jewelry, Alexis, Charriol, Ding Velayo,Hoseki, M Lhuillier, Miladay, My diamond, Ocampo’s, Orbis, Venice Jewelry.
    To Alfred, I think Marrionnaud has a spa in their store. Check it out. I haven’t tried it yet but they showed me the rooms and they are very relaxing.

  12. hey! just want you guys to know that i work here in MOA, in DELL INTERNATIONAL SERVICES. it’s located 2nd floor of the north parking building. it such an awesome work place. when our work is over, we could go out and relax here. you should try going here in the afternoon and if ever you stay till evening, you can relax with the smooth sound of jazz, blues, acoustics every night just outside the office. food is no problem here. there is a lot restos and fastfoods. it’s great here! by the way, DELL is the most admired company in america and is FORTUNE 500’s top 25! isn’t it great that they chose to place an office here in the Philippines? …and they are going to open another one in Quezon city! Amazing!

  13. i saw one of the comments to your site and couldn’t help but respond. shopping in malls doesn’t necessarily mean economic growth. and opening up more and more malls doesn’t reflect a country with booming local industries or one that is wealthy. it’s a question of what is being bought in these malls and whether the money supply is being circulated in the nation even with the presence of more and more conglomerate businesses such as SM. please do analyze such statements as “people have money to shop therefore our economy is growing.” Ask first whether our imports and exports are balanced, whether our GDP is being affected by such exchange of money, what this says about the price of factors of production, how this impacts local and foreign investment, and the like. MOA is a beautiful and ostentatiously huge mall. It caters to the middle and upper classes and like all SM malls, cares little for the prevalent behaviors and culture of the local population.

  14. thats great information.! ! !
    am just wondering whats the annual revenue of this mall and whats the average number of customers per year…
    anyone out there who can help

  15. hind ba pwedeng bumili nalang sa online ung mga damit. kasi walang pang fashion na uso ngayon diyan. meron naman d2 pero kunti lang. nag hahanap kasi ako ng long hi top na sapatos eh. pero gusto yung my brand name. ayuko ng walang pangalan sa likuran pwede. gawin niyo naman o. sa future pwede?

  16. Hi Just wanted to ask if there is a party place in MOA for kids?
    My baby is celebrating her 1st bday this coming Dec15.Thanks..

  17. Hey there, great pictures. Love going to mall of asia! I go there at least 2-3 times a week. It’s so huge and there are lots of shops and restaurants to choose from. It’s really somethin’!

  18. Oh My Gosh! MOA looks fantastic! My family and I are heading back to the Phils for a month’s holiday….FIRST STOP :MOA for sure!!!! ahhhhh shopping, here i come!

  19. I brought my family to the Phiippines for a holiday vacation just recently. We didn’t get to Mall of Asia until 2 days before our vacation ended (Jan 08). I would say that the MOA is breathtaking. The architectural design, the view from the inside and from the outside, the colors, the entertainment and among many more things, the cleanliness. I was disappointed with the pollution and mess outside that reclaimed area but the Mall of Asia is just amazingly clean. I was admiring the cleanliness as I walked one of the hallways until one of the security guards walking towards me just unexpectedly spit on the tiled floors. That was very unhealthy and disgusting. I am writing to the MOA staff to please do not tolerate such behavior. Please make cleanliness in your mall mandatory. Start penalizing litterbugs, vandals or anything that will destroy the health and cleanliness of your mall. If people are aware that they will be charged for these actions then they will be careful and will protect the reputation of MOA.
    Mabuhay to Henry Sy and the staff of MOA.

  20. well i was very suprise of seing this shopping mall it was so so big i did not even finished it in one day but i came back the following day and finished it what i left of…..tired i meant very very tired and dizzy………

  21. It was such a fantastic place to shop in.,me and my family visited the MOA this december when we had our holiday.,but unfortunately the extreme magic mic we bought at starplan didn’t work at all,when we tried to used it here in UK.We feel so dissappointed way back here to UK.How can we send it back for replacement??

  22. I look forward to shop and had a sps at MOA, i am so proud to be a filipino. I’ve been in West Edmonton Mall in Canada, i am in Scotland right now and we are going to Phils. on May…Amazing mall, how much more to see in person, i would really be delighted.

  23. Hi! Does MOA have luggage counters where we can leave our stuff? where is it located? Is it safe? i have 7 hours to spare in manila before my next flight at NAIA so i’m thinking of doing a bit of shopping first and I can’t shop at leisure if I’m bringing so much stuff with me. :))

  24. Hello There,
    Just visit this page now, I’ve been everywhere in Winnipeg…
    Miss ko tuloy ang Philippines, excited na ako umuwi tuloy ngayon to see this wonder…
    Noypi pa rin ‘to by heart…
    Regards to yah All…

  25. I can’t wait to see MEGAMALL….I hear that’s the biggest mall. Even bigger than Mall of Asia. I guess it would be the best since it’s called “MEGA”. All MEGAs are huge….just like the MEGAstar Sharon Cuneta, who should stop trying to lose that weight….she looks like a longaniza in her clothes…bursting to bust out of its seams. Ay naku.

  26. You speak of the TSINELAS crowd (aka known as the BAKYA crowd)….I believe they should not be allowed in the mall if they do not intend to buy anything. They’re just in there for the cool air. I hate going to malls with a predominantly BAKYA/TSINELAS crowd….look at what have happened to other BAKYA malls (i.e. Robinsons, any mall in Cubao, etc). The Tsinelas crowd should stick to where they can afford to enjoy themselves…say for example, Divisoria or the Palengkes. By the way, can someone tell Sharon Cuneta to give up trying to look slim with her fat-hugging outfits. Also, someone point out to her that KC (aka Cassandra Ek Ek) does not look good because of the Cuneta genes….it’s all because of the ever gorgeous, still very hunky Gabriel Concepcion and not the Tabachingching Sharon. Ay naku!

  27. ….lol!….where are the NAZI’s when you need one lol!….to OUR AWESOME PLANET viewer name mel….i despised nazi’s extreme cruelty from past history….but because of you{comments}I WANT THEM BACK….now lol!….

  28. sharon might be fat but those fat brought her also multi millions pesos of income lol why would sharon want to choose to be thinner female sizez like fashion models office employees who barely make few thousand pesos in an hour unless she is brainless like a viewer name mel perhaps lol! sharon better be bursting coz of fat and NOT of STEROIDS NOT of ‘questionable’ unwanted pregnancies coz that will definitely expelled-put her instead from hall of fame to hall of SHAME lol unless she is brainless like a viewer name mel lol bakya tsinelas crowd for a viewer name mel means can’t afford societies lol! if i were JAPAN philippines netherlands india & all those south pacific nations who are customarily traditionally or once users of tsinelas and bakya removed any income & blacklisted this brainless viewer name mel in their countries lol! NOW ‘ANYONE’ customer or NOT who goes to any malls for reason of wanting to experience high heat & humid INSTEAD of ‘cool’ air like this brainless viewer name mel should really ‘check’ psychiatrist or any mental ward lol anyone who adores a gorgeous hunky married man who couldnt zipped his pants 4x or more everytime he has ‘family’ problems must be not only brainless valueless but also extremely tasteless lol!

  29. Hello! I always read your blog Mr. Anton and its really informative. Balikbayan po ako and I left the Philippines before the opening of MOA. Can you give me a restaurant where my family will enjoy the meal (by the way we have 5 kids in the family). – And I can’t help but to answer the comment of Ms. Mel- I think if you really wanted to have that kind of place you should have your own malls…the question here is, if you can afford it???doubt it…real rich people never think like that- the way that you think bout ‘TSINELAS / BAKYA” crowd- real rich people extend their hearts to those in needs…Godbless…

  30. Poorly trained Security Guards or establishment’s policy?
    We’re local tourists who just arrived at Manila Airport Terminal 3 from Boracay Tour. Upon arrival, we go directly to Mall of Asia for lunch with our baggages. Right after lunch, we’re about to ride on a taxi, who just dropped in a passenger in front of the mall. With much surprise, the security guard shouted (impolitely), “Bawal dyan?”. What was ironic was there was a big bus parking in front of the mall, blocking along the road. So we tried to ride again on another taxi who again dropped in another passenger, thinking that the tourist bus was allowed to park. Again, we failed because another arrogant guard. So, we asked the guard, why the empty bus was allowed to park for a longer time while we’re not allowed to get in the taxi cab? The guard answered, “YAN PARA SA MGA TOURISTS LANG!” (That bus is for tourists only.) We replied, “Can’t you see we are also tourists?” The guard arrogantly answered, “PARA SA MGA FOREIGNERS!” (For foreigners only!) What a mess! We, Filipinos in our own country, were deprived of our rights! We had to walk with our luggages to get into the line at taxi loading area at far. Is this the system or policy of Mall of Asia or the unjust procedures implemented by the guards?
    To the management, try to look into this situation. Does taxi cabs need to have their terminal at Mall of Asia? Security Guards must be trained with proper conduct.

  31. i agree with viewer named prince all rules must apply to all unless the empty bus was hired for a special occassions then that’s fine coz mall of asia must meet the the standards of higer special operations but if it is not an extra special operations then filipinos should be the priority in their own country not ‘foreign’ tourists it’s called FILIPINO PRIDE FIRST BEFORE PROFITS which is a common sense since it is filipino’s land-country..gmmahoney was SARCASTIC on her comment here regarding bakya some not buying but pasyal lang customers lol

  32. My whole family will be in ph this Dec 15 till Jan 7, I’m trying to make an itenarary to where and when to go while we there. Last time we were there we saw the fireworks competition, are there any special events and/or attractions that you guys gonna have during that time, that way i can make my schedule to spend in MOA rather than going to other places. Thank you..

  33. We had the same experience as getting a taxicab. What is so odd is that, the Taxi Stand the guards were pointing is at a very far location that Taxi Drivers would have to think twice to actually get passengers there and the guards do nothing to actually guide those Taxis towards the terminal. You can spend your time waiting for nothing at the Taxi stand or you can just instead avoid the mall. No more MOA for me. Hassle!

  34. We’re visiting Pi next month and I’m taking my husband to the mall of asia coz he want to see it since we’d been in Edmonton Mall (2nd largest mall in thw world). I know this is a unique mall coz it’s close to the Bay (poor polluted bay water).
    Honestly, we cannot stop people (bakya/tsinelas crowd)from visiting cooler places like this mall. Let’s face it…they are part of our society and it’s very hot outside. People who are bored and don’t know what to do to cool off just hang out there. And at the end of the day, if their feet are aching from walking and they knew it’s not hot anymore outside..then they will leave and go back home. Beside, there’s no law that they are prohibited iin the area.
    I think there’s nothing wrong w/ that/. Ur such a prejudice. Remember that not all glitters are gold.
    And one more thing,to those of u wo hate seeing bakya/tsinelas crowd at the mall…aren’t you thankful enough that it’s them not u who are…shall we say “less fortunate”?

  35. “Posted by: cris | Mar 13, 2007 3:37:01 PM
    thats great information.! ! !
    am just wondering whats the annual revenue of this mall and whats the average number of customers per year…
    anyone out there who can help”
    can anyone answer this for us please..
    thanks a lot!

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