The Mall of Asia (Opening May 21)


The much awaited and controversial Mall of Asia will have its Grand opening on Sunday May 21. There is a mall blessing by invitation only for all suppliers on Saturday May 20 but it is not open to the public. I can’t wait to experience the new IMAX Theater — woohoo! at last may IMAX na tayo… I’m sure not a lot of people know yet that MOA is opening so I’ll be there on the first day. See you and hopefully I can take some pictures…


6 thoughts on “The Mall of Asia (Opening May 21)

  1. to be mall crazy is very good for their economics-commerces as a whole keeps them busy in a clean-safer-decent-centralized places keeps filipinos sanity intact away from gamblings-alcohols-passive stand by’s-violent activities-criminal thoughts-abusive moments of time-freetime malicious inuendos-suicidal tensions-dangerous boredoms-depressing inactivities-cave in home enviroments-un inspiring neighborhoods-malicious gossips-as troublemakers-stagnant communities-road traffics-outside accidents while publicly-commercially educating-advancing himself visually-first hand personnal experiences wise to all kinds of new things-inventions-creations in all sections-departments
    in all forms-shapes-kinds possible puts them away from being ignorant of new facts-informations-activities this world century has to offer to anyone interested for free and must pay ‘not’ steal in items purchases so i say LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST PHILIPPINES AND ALL THE PEOPLE OF ASIA AND THE WHOLE WORLD that is the shopping malls are for is to ENJOY IT LOL!

  2. ….filipinos visits to quality-high end malls are in a way a good-excellent idea…indirectly it educates them from all new modern up to date creations inventions products available
    it keeps filipinos from being ignorant a chance to explore the world and greet indescreetly all it’s kababayans in an open inndoors outdoors spaces…a reason to escape monotonous homes-neighborhoods-unwanted crowds-obsolete things materials that bores their repetitious lives…..malls often inspires people to dreams of their own businesses entrepreneurships own new lifestyles just to break tensions from old enviroments lifestyles…. malls gives them ideas incentives to be creative to start new something beautiful something adventurous challenging without the thoughts of changing their wives or making new children just to break to something new-different….malls displays ideas of a new world new paradise new explorations new escapades that needs re examinations even deeper digging deeper scrutinies… so many thought provoking incentives for those who can improvised enlarged procreate reorganized reconnect what was in front of them to find the new THEM… to all filipinos who best fit the descriptions please get out of your ‘caves’ imaginary lines old lifestyles prison sentences that you never realized it was….. instead enjoy have fun try out what the new world has to offer while it lasts….after all YOU are the REAL independent paradise…..all malls and all it’s materials displays inventions only RELY on YOU lol!…..

  3. ….CORY YUEN….a MUST remember name….i just saw a movie[pay preview channel}directed by her called D.O.A. {dead on arrival]….she is really an ‘exceptional’ director when it comes to ‘action-adventure’ movies…..she can surely direct any movies like SUPERMAN SPIDERMAN X MEN or any action movies….i hope hollywood europe asia will hire cory yuen to a more serious highly complex action saga-adventures movies so it can fill{full packed-jammed} all IMAX-asia mall cimenas….we like cory yuen’s directing a lot….see it for yourself asia….lol!….

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