Bangui Windmills [Flickr Phils North Expedition #1]

Are you going on a road trip to Pagudpud? Download this Infographic Guide before you go…
Infographic: Your Awesome Journey to Pagudpud

This is a tribute to the 15 most beautiful white structures I’ve ever seen in the Philippines. I can’t believe my eyes seeing for myself these 23 storey high windmills along the 3km Bangui Bay. They are so beautiful and I can’t help myself but to shoot with awe and jump for joy. This is my humble attempt to capture the beauty of these structures. I was blessed with good weather and nice sky during my visit. The windmills of Bangui appears to be planted by aliens in the Ilocos Norte and the place is so surreal. The trip to Pagudpud just got better and you should not miss visiting these 2 year old wind turbines.

By the way, I’m starting a series on the first Road Trip of the local Flickr Philippines community last June 12 weekend. I can’t help but post these awesome windmills first and share with you the beauty of the Bangui coast! Check out these Banqui windmill post cards…

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The Bangui coast has a fishing community and it was nice to see all their colorful banca’s parked along the shore.

This shot was taken on our way to the base of the windmills. I like this shot particularly because of the cows grazing in the foreground.

This is a perspective shot on how tall these structures are compared to the jeepney parked along the shores of Bangui.

Sometimes I like my shots saturated specially if the sky is clear. I like the play of blue, green and brown colors.

Up close and personal. This is the closest I can get and still being able to capture the entire windmill.

I wanted to capture the windmills lining up but I don’t have the right angle for this shot.

I was literally jumping for joy when I saw these beautiful white structures!

Saying my final goodbyes and I can’t wait to go back here to shoot during sunset 🙂

Don’t be contented with just watching the windmills from the look out point. There is a road that leads to the windmills and this is the intersection before reaching pagudpud. There are no signs so make sure that you don’t miss this intersection. Just ask around or the resort guides should be able to take you to the wind mills.


15 thoughts on “Bangui Windmills [Flickr Phils North Expedition #1]

  1. What an awesome, wonderful scene captured on my beloved hometown of Bangui, Ilocos Norte. It reminds me of my growing years and the nostalgia right on the shores of this fish-rich town. I’m so overwhelmed and humbled, yet tears rolling on my face, beloved Bangui, you are now on the world map. Mabuhay.

  2. hello! we actually visited the windmills twice– during sunset and during midday. wow. that’s all i can really say. btw, did you visit cape bojeador lighthouse in burgos? it’s about 20-30 mins before bangui if you are coming from laoag. it’s another perfect place to watch the sun set. =)

  3. I never knew that there are windmills in our country until I saw your photos. Cool!
    FYI, an intern of the Legal Affairs in the office told me that there are people in other countries opposing on the installations of windmills because it is an eye sore of the beautiful view of the fields and sea. They even take legal actions against it. Stupid, neh?

  4. anton,
    i am a banguinian. i’m very proud of seeing our town through the 15 23-storey turbines. thank very much for this.

  5. hi anton,
    i came to visit the windmills last holy week, it was really awesome and i was so excited getting pics of the white structures..was really an attraction and a must visit place in ilocos!

  6. Anton,
    My family are going to Pagudpud this next week for a holy week vacation, your blog is very informative, I believe i’ll commit less mistakes with all the info you provided. This will be my first time.

  7. my planning is planning a trip to Ilocos this Holy Week.
    I’m using your blog as travel guide on the Must-Sees.
    Thank you so much Anton!
    Keep up your great work!
    regards, Dewie

  8. ….lol….they are planted by aliens….aliens as in FOREIGNERS meaning they are not originally from the philippines lol!….i believe they are europeans of scandinavian descent{main company}not sure now{senior moments}lol….anyway i commented coz i saw how beautiful the sceneries….those well painted BANCAS in particular….thank you for having the time showing us what we cannot drive straight what we cannot touch right now what we cannot feel to enjoy right this moments literally speaking….i miss philippines it’s pristine beaches o green mountains….

  9. Hi Anton. A couple of my friends and I are planning on going to Ilocos this April…We’re using public transportation (from Manila)and I was wondering if once we get there, would there be available PUJs for traveling from one place to another? All three of us are girls and I want to know if it would be safe…

  10. Hi Anton. A couple of my friends and I are planning on going to Ilocos this April…We’re using public transportation (from Manila)and I was wondering if once we get there, would there be available PUJs for traveling from one place to another? All three of us are girls and I want to know if it would be safe…

  11. I am not an alien!!! Me and 10 other colleqes
    built those 15 turbines from march to june 2006.
    And it was the time of my life. The turbines is a NEG Micon 1.65 Mega Watt. with pitchregulatet blades.

  12. Dear Anton,
    We are very much interested in purchasing the photo of the Banquid windmill with the bancas which you posted in this site. We hope you have a high resolution copy of this photo. If you have other interesting photos of the site, we hope you could send us copies also.
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  13. What a pity! I just brought a point-and-shoot digital camera. I wholeheartedly agree that it’s just awesome to be there. thanks for the sharing your photos!

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