Highland’s Steakhouse finally in Mall of Asia!


10z Ribeye Steak. Airflown Certified Angus Beef (P 1,080)

Finally the best steakhouse in Tagaytay, exclusive to Tagaytay Highlands members only, opened last week in Mall of Asia! We ate there with my family last Friday and we were excited to find out that it was there second day of operation. I got the tip from Tanya, one of the bloggers I follow, and she is among those who absolutely love Highland’s steakhouse. As for me, I’m not really a steak lover but I got interested with steaks ever since eating in Myron’s. One of these days, I will try the suggestions of my readers to try out the steaks of Handle Bar in Makati and Steak MD in Tomas Morato.
I like the log cabin type of ambiance consistent with the Tagaytay Highland’s interior design. It has a cozy tungsten lighted atmosphere complete with fireplace which should be perfect during the cold season. As for the food, all the food items we ordered were deliciously satisfying that we didn’t mind paying for about P800/ person. Kudos to Highland’s Steakhouse management for a job well done in providing a good steak experience immediately after its opening.

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There are two private rooms that you can reserve complete with a log cabin ambiance (although this reminds me of a dry sauna interiors), and chandeliers to provide that tungsten lighted romantic setting.

Henry’s Barbecue Baby Back Ribs (whole rack) P680. Tender barbecue bourbon flavored imported baby back ribs.

My dad ordered this impressive whole rack of Baby Back ribs. You could taste the barbecue flavor consistently throughout the well marinated ribs. What I like about it is that you can taste the texture of the tender and juicy meat meat as you bite off from the piece of the rib. I actually forgot for a minute that this costs P680 pesos 🙂

Pan grilled Halibut with Wild mushroom Beurre Blanc (P680). My mom is a healthy eater and this is the only food item in the menu that she can eat. Just by the looks of it, the grilled eggplant with the wild mushroom and the so-called Buerre Blanc sauce gives a complimentary flavor to the fresh perfectly grilled halibut. I will definitely order this the next time I eat in this steakhouse and I’m still drooling by the looks of this halibut dish.

10z Ribeye Steak. Airflown Certified Angus Beef (P 1,080).

There is a 14oz version which costs P1,420 but I think the 10oz is more than enough for me and my wife. Our medium well steak was perfectly cooked with the right juicy tasty flavor. It is soft such that you can cut the meat easily and you can enjoy chewing on the meat. You will not complain with its thickness and I think this was one of the criticism’s for the Myron’s steak which looks like beef tapa compared to this slab of meat.

Highland’s Steakhouse Menu. (similar to the original Tagaytay menu) Click here for a bigger version.


By the way, I would also recommend their Steakhouse Clam Chowder (P80) because of its rich creamy and flavorful taste that keeps you wanting for more with every spoonful taste.

With the look of its inviting interiors, you can’t help it but amazed that such log cabin ambiance can be present in a mall setting. To complete the look of the restaurant, all the waiters are in their cowboy outfit with matching cowboy hat. All of them are friendly and trained very well.

Net, it would be an understatement if I say I love their delicious steak. Highland Steakhouse is offering a complete dining experience that is worth every peso that you pay for. Not to mention that they are perfectly located in the second floor besides IMAX and they also have a stunning view of the Manila Bay sunset. Can you ask for more? Yes, please have a high chair for the babies…


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18 thoughts on “Highland’s Steakhouse finally in Mall of Asia!

  1. Thanks for this post, Anton! I’m more inclined to go here than that Myron’s place. My foodie friends have told me not to try it out… All I’ve heard are bad reviews…

  2. hi! i’ve been reading all your blogs ever since i chanced upon it while visiting marketman’s blog. i tried to do what you said to get a better view of the highland steak menu but i can’t seem to enlarge it. there is no “all sizes” option above the picture in flicker. could you help me? thanks and God bless…..

  3. Happy New Year Anton! I tried this place with my whole family and it was a treat from my Tita. The bread that they served was not good in my opinion, from the taste to the testuxe itself. The Caesar Salad with roast beef was nothing special, I can get better Caesar salad anywhere. The Garden Salad was even worst! It was just some greens with canned corns and some dressing, how poor and how simple judging from the price that they charged. Although to be fair the Deep Fried Scallops and Sea bass with Dijon Mustard Sauce was pretty good and it was nicely cook as well. For the main courses we had rib eye, which was flavorless and not as tender as it should be. The Ribs was just okay… The Halibut with Mushroon beurre blanc was even worst,the sauce came to me already set and the mushroom was very bitter, lasang sunog. The seabass was just ok at least better than the Halibut. The service was not good either. I hardly give such negative comment but this place was just not good!

  4. well, well, we’ve just ate here yesterday.. i love their steak esp. the cowboy plate 30oz. we had two order of it, it cost 5600 but it’s great!! i so love the “cooking” moments of the steak with their cutie stove.. haha.. love it!!!

  5. Hi Kuya Anton..=) i need your an expert on food and who else is the expert of course you Kuya Anton hehe) i have’t buy any gift yet for my parents. im thinking of just treating them here at Highland Steakhouse. But im thinking twice. im choosing over Highlands or Spiral Buffet. What do you think will be much better? really need you advice hehe=) thanks a lot.=)

  6. food is good but not special and very expensive very poor service, i dont know why there is butter on the table were not even offered a piece of bread. my frend ordered for a bottomless drink b ut the refill took a long time. there are lots of employee roaming around but only few customers during that time at 9 pm .hope the mgmt would take action on this.

  7. Highlands Steakhouse … no doubt on the quality of food (yummy steak!) and the ambiance, i rate them 95%!!!
    However, the staff there especially the reservation officer (if there’s one) should train on improving customer service! Had reservations for 25 pax just this month, May 2008, and opted to accommodate us in a function room. Unfortunately, the function rm was already taken and was assigned in a table still good for 25 pax. Upon learning this while I was verifying my reservation through the phone, the staff who answered me said “Anu ba! itutuloy mo ba ung reservation mo? andami pang nakapila mag pa reserve!”. Well, I was really shocked with his answer! I failed to get the name of that person but I wish he should know how to deal with customers on a professional way, whether through phone or in flesh!!! Budget’s only P 40,000 and it was lost because of that phone verification!

  8. Just ate there this Sunday. (Cct 5, 2008)
    Hugely disappointing to say the least. Ordered the 10oz Ribeye P1250 and the order was small compared to cheaper steaks at you find at Chilis. Mashed potato was horrible and does not even compare to Chilis. Gravy was your generic bland.
    Clam chowder was creamy but there was aoverwhelming taste of corn. Did I mention the bowl was no bigger than a childs fist? Cmon…
    All in all, 5/10. For a P1250 Ribeye steak meal, a salad+desert+complimentary drink should be included.
    Not worth it. Go to another restaurant.

  9. kakain sana ako dito sa lunes eh mukang panget naman pala. Dami ko ng nakainan na mga mamahaling restaurant na masarap daw kakaiba ang lasa dahil imported ang gamit, tulad ng mga steak nila. Haaays tapos pag kain ko mas masarap pa yung steak na niluluto ko sa bahay. Tsk.tsk daming nag bblog ng hindi ko maintindihan kung ano sa kanila ang masarap. Steak = JUICY + TENDER + BEEFY FLAVOR + BALANCED FAT + MEDIUM RARE ^_^ + LIKE LIVER WHEN YOU CUT IT…. Sarap nung steak na ganto na niluto namin. Black Angus Class yun pero talagang parang na Pritong atay lang ang daling hiwain.

  10. I just ate here last saturday. The steak was really good, the best i’ve tasted so far, although I don’t think its worth the 1250 tag price. I think I’d price it at around 800 php for its over all quality.

  11. Tried it this week, had the Rib Eye and my wife had the prawns. It was good but the bread was stale and the service was poor. The food server gave me a terrible headache, he must have bathed in a vat of deo cologne! His offensive odor overpowered the aroma of freshly grilled angus steak! Darnet! Our experience in Tagaytay was a lot better. Highlands Steakhouse in MOA . . . so so!

  12. I really love your blog. Kahit hindi ako nakakapunta jan sa mga places nafifeel ko narin kahit papano. Kinda gives me inspiration to keep on keepin’ on umaasa someday to go to these places. Thanks Anton and God bless you and your family

  13. We had a dinner at Highlands Steakhouse MOA tonight 25 July 2013. First we ordered soup of the day asparagus soup and it was great. It was followed by tomato salad which taste really good. Then the main course steak platter and highlands prime chops. The main course that we ordered came so late that the steak which I preferred medium well was already cold and was very well done. Not tender and was very dry! The highlands prime chops… well it was good but guess what? The rice that comes with it taste and smelled like it was about to spoil. I immediately called the attention of the waiter and complained about it. He took the plate to the kitchen and came back to us and admitted that it is about to spoil as per the chef. Do they have somebody checking the food? Executive Chef are you doing your job? It really spoiled our dinner. We don’t mind the price but c’mon we are not paying for crappy food! We won’t recommend it to our friends. We would rather recommend sizzling plate at sm the foodcourt if they are looking for a good steak and freshly cooked rice.

  14. Sorry It was tonight 24 July 2013. I lost track of the date because I am upset and having signs ,of diarrhea. Not good. I will come back tomorrow and will sue them If this continues!.

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