[MtGulugodBaboy # 1] Confessions of a Virgin Climber


Mt. Gulugod Baboy climb was my first mountain climbing experience. I underestimated it and my shots were uninspired. I’m a virgin climber and the experience was almost orgasmic when you reached the top. This was my own little version of Mt. Everest climb and will all the hype surrounding Mountain Climbing in the Philippines, this is the next sports fad after billiards, and badminton.

I’ve blogged about Romi Garduce’s climb for almost a year now, and I was struck by one of the comments of my blog readers that I should climb mountains first to have credibility in writing about mountain climbing. It made sense and ever since I’ve been looking for an opportunity to do so. What would you have if you have the best mountaineering organization in the Phils. — UP Mountaineering as your guide and the best Jaycee chapter in the Phils. — Manila Jaycees as your companions in the climb? an Awesome Mt. Gulugod Baboy Climb!!

I must admit that I underestimated the climb. I was not excited because I thought it was easy and I thought there was nothing to do on top of the mountain other than to drink all night long. It was raining the day before, so I thought this was not the best time to have a photo shoot. I did not prepare for it. I literally drag my feet and was thinking twice about pushing through with it or just offer an excuse not to go. I’ll tell you how unprepared I was…

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1). I don’t have hiking shoes and I did not bother to buy one. I wore my favorite green crocs which is now my constant travel companion.

2). I brought a jansport bag to the climb and thinking that I’ll just carry 4 liters of water in a plastic bag to the climb. Big mistake.

3). I did not bother to bring my tripod making an excuse in my head that people kept on saying “travel light”. Another Big mistake.

4). I was not looking forward to swimming after the climb so I just brought one extra shorts and did not bring my swimming gear.

5). It was recommended to bring a head lamp, but instead I brought one of this long heavy black flashlights which I was not able to use.

6). No sleeping bag. I thought that it was just one overnight anyway and I can get away with just a piece of cloth as my bed.

7). I left my raincoat and it rained very hard during sunset. I always told myself to bring my raincoat, rain or shine during my adventures but I argued in my head that I’ll just stay inside the tent or bahala na.

8). I lot of people say that Mt. Gulugod baboy was a level 1 mountain climbing, an inaugural climb of sorts, and hence I assumed it was easy. My only experience before this was a day hike to Mt. Makulot and a day hike up the Taal Volcano. I regretted this and Mt. Gulugod baboy taught me not to underestimate the mountain.

I’m glad that I was able to get these confessions out of the way. I did not realize before the climb that this is one of my best outdoor experience! It was so addicting that I cannot wait for the next climb.

Thanks to the UP Mountaineering Group for sharing with us the joy of Mountain Climbing! Thanks to the Manila Jaycees for this awesome Mountain Climbing Experience!!


6 thoughts on “[MtGulugodBaboy # 1] Confessions of a Virgin Climber

  1. Awww that’s ok! At least when you get to the more spectacular mountains, you’ll be ready 😀 Experience is the best teacher right? hehe

  2. Let me know if you need hiking shoes. I have a pair of Nface that needs to be put on to test. With gaiters too.

  3. gaiters might be too much for beginner climbs in the philippine weather =)
    next pinoy fad? now that’s alarming! i could already see the real nature lovers frowning. imagine traffic in the trail, garbage everywhere, crowded camp sites and summits, before we know it, kailangan mo nang magpa-book weeks in advance bago maka-akyat sa makulot, hehe!

  4. Gulugod Baboy is just one of the many mountains you should try in the Phils. I honestly don’t think mountain climbing will be fad. Unlike other sports such as badminton, you can’t just jump into mountain climbing. Proper training is a must. As a mountaineer, I can tell you the training is physically taxing but the experience makes it more than worthwhile.

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