Tandoor King – Indian-inspired Fast Food in Mall of Asia


I love food adventure and I’m always excited to try innovative food. So when my friend Grace called me raving about this new indian place in the Mall of Asia, I can’t wait to taste their Indian-inspired food. Like most restaurants in the Mall of Asia, they are on soft opening mode and hence, there is an invisible sign that says “Proceed with caution”. My wife and I only agreed that the Mixed Tikka Pizzanaan is an absolute winner but the rest of the food got mixed reactions. First and foremost, the reason for being of the restaurant is its Tandoori Chicken cooked in a very hot special clay oven with charcoal. I loved the spicy Tandoori taste where the chicken is marinated in a mixture of herbs, spices and yogurt that give it a distinctive red color and it has a distinctive smoky flavor. However, my wife was expecting a sweet teriyaki taste but it failed to meet this expectation. Since this is a fast food concept, the food is very affordable with a price range of P100-P200 max.

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The menu is simple. You can choose from rice toppings called curry tops, Tandoori set menu, Pizzanaans and Chapawraps.

Contrary to popular belief, weekdays shopping in MOA is pleasurable since there are only a few people at night. It was a slow night, I should say, for the Tandoor King when we ate there. This was perfectly fine for us since we won’t be too conscious when we take photos of the food and surroundings.

Beef Oriental Chapawraps (P95). Chapati rolled with meats, onions, and lettuce.

The chapati becomes hardens when cold and the beef used was very dry. It is safe to say that this is not one of their strongest menu item in their line-up. We also ordered their Iced Tea Masala (35) which is a spicy ice tea (yuck yuck yuck or saying it in a politically nice way, it is an acquired taste.) , and the Nepalese Ice Tea (P25) which is an ice tea with a twist in taste which we found ordinary.

Mixed Tikka of Paneer Cheese, Button Mushroom and Chicken (P190).

I love paneer cheese and I never tasted it used in a pizza. The crust of the pizza is thin, textured and crunchy until our last bite. Since this is a fast food joint, everything is prepared already and all they need to do is heat this. Also, you would notice that the plates are all made of plastic. The chili sauce and the sour cream yogurt sauce taste different from your Cafe Mediterranean sauce so you need to get used to it.

Tandoori Chicken (P175) served with Saffron Rice, Heavenly salsa and Tandy Sauce.

I love the tandoori chicken because of its herb spicy taste that doesn’t have the disgusting odor when you eat in other Indian restaurants. It goes very well with the Saffron rice. As I said, my wife was not impressed. I was actually surprised to learn that this outlet is owned by the LGC group who also owns Cafe Havana and Anghang among others.

Tandoori King. Unforgettable flavors, cookery as old as history.

Unit 146 and 147, South Parking Bldg, SM Mall of Asia.

It is located in the south parking building in front of Teriyaki Boy.


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6 thoughts on “Tandoor King – Indian-inspired Fast Food in Mall of Asia

  1. here in Kirkland, WA I usually go to Kanishka Indian Resto since they have this US$8.00++/ lunch buffet, 7 days a week.
    Oo nga naman if you offer some food trip tour, sigurado sasama ako..;)

  2. Actually, Tandoori Chicken, at least the ones I’ve tasted really are quite smoky, some a bit spicy pa nga, and nothing like the Teriyaki or Teppanyaki ones. I like mine squirted with lotsa lemon, dipped in yogurt and eaten with mango, pineapple or banana chutney. Hehe!

  3. I didn’t like it here. Aside from the scanty proportions, it tasted bad. So dry and I can’t explain. The chicken ain’t chicken no more. Never again but that’s just me.

  4. This might not live long :O I find it strange that people are packing up almost all the restos on the side during lunch and meryenda and dinner but not here.

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