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I must admit that I’m too old for drinking all night at a bar. I was down all weekend and the suspect may be because of that nasty hangover. After drinking 4+ glasses of red wine, 1 tanqueray cocktail, and 4++ bottles of red horse last friday night, I realized that my body can only take so much alcohol abuse in one night. The celebration was all about Romi Garduce’s treat to his colleagues which he decided to celebrate at the 6 Underground Bar along C. Palanca in Makati.

The crowd normally arrives around 10ish (as they would say these days) once the front act band starts. So if you want to have the place all to yourself then i suggest that you be there before 10pm. Once the clock strikes 10, the program starts it with two groups of amateur band, working their ass off for free. In exchange, 6UG gives them jam time to showcase their talents. If you are into pinoy rock, then you might enjoy the music. As for me, I find it too loud and felt too old for these kind of stuff 🙂 But I had to hear the music of Mayonnaise band who sang “Jopay”. They started to show their stuff by midnight. It was a Red horse night which means most of the bands are sponsored by Red horse. However, only Red horse beers are served at a buy one take one promo for that night.

Even though loud rock music is not my cup of tea, I still had fun listening to them with the company of my officemates. However, I learned my lesson that night on my body’s limit in drinking alcohol. This is one of the reason I don’t really blog about bars in the metro even though I wanted to include Embassy, Temple Bar and others. Thanks to Romi for the treat last Friday. Check out some images of 6UG…

6 underground bar interiors.

Mayonnaise band playing.

Graffiti inspired walls

Guitarist playing

Billiards inside where we spent the rest of the night playing under the influence of Red horse beer.

another view of the bar

Romi and friends….

His Colleagues

6 Underground
C. Palanca St., Makati City
Call Rommel @ +63 917 8589849


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