My Rice Table @ Mall of Asia


12 dishes
4 people
490++ pesos
My Rice Table!

“The Rice Table concept was introduced hundreds of years ago when the dutch first visited the spice islands of Indonesia and asked to sample each dish one at a time. So impressed were the Dutch with this unparalleled gustatory experience that they began the tradition of rijstafel or ‘Rice Table’. ” — excerpt from the Soft Menu of Rice Table

The rice table concept is very simple and cheap. It is also based on the insight that Filipinos love to try out small portions of dishes. When we eat out with my family, we make it a point to order different dishes and share the food with everybody so that we can have a wide assortment of taste. This patikim habit is also the reason why most of us get fat because visually you are eating small portions but you wouldn’t know that you have eaten a lot already. I love Asian food and Rice Table is for those people who wants a light dinner before that IMAX movie. All the dishes are served on top of a stainless table with a matching votive candles below to heat it up. I like the food and it is very affordable but the different dishes got mixed reactions. What I like about it is that you can exchange some of the dishes included in the rice table with the other menu items. We particularly excluded Koffee Babi (Pork Ribs with Coffee Sauce), and Daging Rendang (Spicy Beef Stew).

The rice table has interesting ambiance and I would assume this is an Indonesian inspired interiors.

The rice table starts with Sotong Ayam chicken soup which tasted like tinola soup with lots of ginger. I like it 🙂 Then, the following dishes were served and I’ll try to describe them with short phrases below:

Sambal Krupuk (Prawn Crackers with Sambal) — Interesting Twist

Pandan Ayam ( Pandan Chicken) — All bones

Sayur Lodeh (Sweet Light Vegetable Curry) – Yummy curry

Cucumber Salad – Just the right amount of sweetness

Kangkong Belachan (Spicy Garlic Kangkong) — ordinary kangkong

Ikan Dilis (Fried Sweet Anchovies and Peanuts) — Mother’s choice!

Otah Udang (Shrimp Cakes grilled in Banana Leaves) – what shrimps?

Tahu Telor (Crispy Tofu Omellete) – Omellette is not the right word to describe this

Sate Ayam (Chicken Barbeque) — puede na

Grilled Ginger Squid — forgettable taste.

Fried Fish in Tamarind Sauce — healthier option but lacking in taste

Nasi Goreng (Indonesia Fried Rice) — very good although not sure if the taste is authentic

Rice Table is located besides Bed Scene in south wing of Entertainment Mall facing Manila Bay.


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6 thoughts on “My Rice Table @ Mall of Asia

  1. My brother told me about his favorite resto in Singapore that’s similarly named. I dunno if the Manila version copied Sing’s.

  2. nakapunta nko dyan last wednesday (tour namin)
    nakakarelax tlaga dyan! masarap na food ang matitikman nyo dyan

  3. Hey Anton!
    I just visited Rice Table for dinner, with my girlfriend, and it was just very disappointing!
    It was the worst resto that I’ve been so far (well considering the price and location) and I brought it up with the manager. Well, he was kind enough to give us 50% off but it was really not worth it.
    We tried the 12 dishes thing and we weren’t able to finish up even 1 dish! First of all the food was not even warm..then one dish is similar to the other the waiter said that the 1st curry dish is with meat and the other is curry with vegetables w/o meat.. duh!!! Both taste alike! And then the chiken bbq was dry, the omelet was very oily, the kangkong was not fresh, the chicken pandan is still raw, and the rice is not steaming hot!!!! I wouldn’t recommend anyone eating here, and I definitely would not eat here again..I hope that they close and let some other resto take their place!

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