Piazza Serendra — I can’t Wait!


I await with great anticipation for the opening of Piazza at Serendra. I’ve been driving along Market Market these past couple of days waiting to see a glimpse of this great place soon to open in the heart of Serendra. I can still remember the excitement of people when The FORT opened in the middle of vast empty land space and it was THE place to be. At that time, it feels good to say “Lets go to the FORT” to your friends who does not have a clue where it is. The opening of Piazza at Serendra will have the same excitement and feeling specially with a few signature stores opening including the Chef Miguels @ Mezzaluna. Also, can you still remember the long line when Go Nuts Do Nuts opened their first branch in the FORT? Sonja’s Cupcakes may be the next dessert craze and hopefully will have the same effect. At last, the FORT would have an alternative dessert place other than Cafe Breton, UCC or crepes and cream.

I’m really not connected with Piazza at Serendra, and most of my knowledge about this place is through word of mouth. I’ve seen a few names like Gaudi, and Zhongnanhai opening here within the year. The opening was delayed in August. A few more weeks, and I’m dying to check this place out. Would you know of any cool restaurant opening here in Piazza at Serendra?


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3 thoughts on “Piazza Serendra — I can’t Wait!

  1. Hi! My aunt and some partners recently opened their resto (GUAVA) at Serendra. They serve filipino-fusion food. Hope you could try it out 🙂

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