10 thoughts on “Please Save the Sheep!

  1. just a comment — sheep can actually pertain to the plural form or you can collectively say a herd of sheep. not sheeps. : )

  2. sorry for posting again. at any rate….that’s cruelty to animals. they are such meek animals, these sheep, and yet they are paraded like some interesting feature? nakakainis!! it’s wrong!

  3. @enzo: nope, really meant “interesting feature” – still grammatically correct — like they’re being put on display to amuse, or to spark someone’s interest ba. like a side-show feature. : ), which is nonetheless cruel however one looks at it.

  4. Yeah, I do hope we can get the attention of the owners to stop this. It is more disgusting once you see a baby riding one of these sheep “carriage”.

  5. Sheep are not meant to used as “beasts of burden”as they have cloven feet(split hooves) which when loaded with weights other than their own woolen coat can induced pain in their shanks,shoulders and will misalign their spine.
    Here in Australia,the owners can be fined massively for cruelty to animals.
    These foolishness should be banned ASAP!

  6. Anton, suggestion lang. Maybe you can contact the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)? As I wrote you earlier and which Linda seconded above, sheep are not meant as beasts of burden. You can google PAWS…Better if it comes from you since you did actually see these poor animals. I tried emailing PAWS but didn’t get a reply so they may have changed their email address.

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