Romi’s Everest and My One Big Dream. What’s your Everest?


I was truly inspired by the talk of my friend, Romi Garduce when he shared with us an experiential account and inspirational talk on his successful climb to Everest. I witness how it unfolded and in fact, blogged about it throughout the journey ( see First Filipino in Everest) . Every time I read through the slides I’m truly inspired and I want to conquer my own Everest literally and figuratively. This is an exclusive (naks naman!) talk with Romi but I want to share it with you to inspire you in conquering your own Everest. All the photos and text are developed and presented by Romi Garduce during his talk to us last July 6, 2006.

Everest has always been there for many years. Filipinos were already contented reaching the highest summit in the Philippines, Mt. Apo. Nobody really cared about climbing Everest not until Romi started his big dream of conquering it. We, Filipinos have this tendency of accepting mediocre work or even just reaching mediocre achievements (of course, I don’t intend this to be a generalization). There are those big dreams that we don’t pursue because it is too difficult and there are a lot of excuses/ barriers that prevent our mind from reaching that dream.

There is that One Big Dream that you need to envision for yourself and it will all start from here. For me, my personal dream is to make Philippines the top travel destination in ASEAN and sharing with the whole world the Tropical Island Paradise of the Philippines. I know it is too big for me, but there is nothing wrong in dreaming from dreams may come true to those who pursue it. When I started Our Awesome Planet blog, I didn’t expect to have that instant impact on people particularly the balikbayans and foreigners even the locals but to my surprise, I was receiving so much appreciation notes from Filipinos working abroad. They suddenly missed being here in the Philippines and wanted to give their country a chance. Indeed, I am making a mark on my readers while letting me pursue my dream in making a difference one step at a time.

I do hope that with all your endless support, I’ll be able to make my dream happen. I can already envision it, first through the blog. I plan to write Our Awesome Planet book that would feature the Philippines at its best. I also plan to share my travel experiences to print media to broadcast what a wonderful place Philippines is. At the same time, I’m having dreams of opening up a travel agency so that I can live my vision of sharing the Philippines through my eyes. And so much more… haay…

To achieve the dream, we need to follow the right road and direction leading to the dream. I’m trying to get mentors, editors, and business partners who can really help me realize my dream. One step at a time.

This is my favorite slide. All the battle in your mind on whether you can do it or not will be resolved by your first step. It all starts there. I’m taking a few bold steps now to pursue my dream. I’m planning to share it with you this entire journey in this blog.

I’m sure there would be a lot of controversies along the way. If not, I don’t think I’m aiming for a big dream and risking it all the way. But what is important is that you continue the fight to pursue your dream. This is where I would need help for support. I know there are people out there who truly believes in my work and I truly appreciate it. I do hope you continue to be with me all the way, through thick and thin.

There are times, I doubt myself if I can truly do it. I’m an IT professional by day and being a photographer, writer, or a business person are the last things on my mind. Sometimes, I think I cannot do it. Sometimes, I don’t think I’m not good enough for Print Media or even writing a book. If I setup an Our Awesome Planet travel agency would I would succeed or fail. A lot of doubts but this slide (one of my favorite) is training me to keep my focus on the big dream.

This is an important learning. You need to live the dream and enjoy the moment. This is the best part when you are pursuing your dream and it starts to unfold before your very eyes. This is what excites me and that is why I keep on sharing my passion to more and more people as possibly as I can. I am eager in meeting my readers by arranging informal eyeballs. I truly want to meet people who shares the same passion as I do. I know I’m living it now and it sure is a long way to go.

My wife and I always celebrate success especially every time my blog is mentioned by other blogs or featured in print media. We would celebrate and eat and continue to blog on. Masaya na nga kami when we read this post by Marvin: “Our Awesome Planet: A Must

Maybe, it is really just possible the Philippines could truly be a Top Travel destination in ASEAN and if not the entire Asia ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks Romi for the inspiration and I’ll follow your lead to Never Stop Exploring!!

Now that I’ve shared my one big dream, What’s your personal Everest? Maybe I can help and we can support each other…


20 thoughts on “Romi’s Everest and My One Big Dream. What’s your Everest?

  1. Hey anton-
    Reading your goals gave me that prickly feeling up my spine. It gave me that, “Naniniwala ako. Maganda talaga dito sa Pilipinas” moment.
    write your way to your dreams!

  2. i’ve been reading your blog since last year and I definitely find your blog interesting and a good source information. I wish you luck in conquering your personal ‘Everest’. With the way you’re going it’s within your reach.

  3. I have been religiously following your blogspot since i accidentally discovered it a couple of months ago. I was tempted to write a number of times in the past but held back thinking you might think it weird for a complete stranger to be gushing about your craft (i like to call it that), but ur last post was very moving. In fact, i had goose bumps reading it.
    Prior to this post, i’ve made it a point to read your blog as often as possible because i felt like through it, im living my “dream life”. I so love travelling, seeing new things, meeting people and doing things that you are actually doing. It enables me to see things i can’t afford hehe ๐Ÿ™‚ and inspires me to save up for that next local trip. For that alone, i can’t thank you enough, but your last post has done more for me. If a man of your stature is still struggling to apire for more, then what the hell on earth am i doing settling for less?! Thank you for making me realize, the world is waiting to be conquered by us ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks to romi for inspiring you.
    This is the 3rd time im going to say this..I AM SUCH A FAN! I first said that personally to Myrza Sison, then to Tessa Prieto Valdez (and only God knows if they even cared hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚ and hopefully to you when you get to organize an EB.
    Kudos to you, your family and Life.
    La vie est belle!

  4. Bro — I think it is time to write about Gawad Kalinga.
    Gawad Kalinga is an organization founded by Tony Meleto. And I believe the organization has reached its tipping point. The philosophy of Gawad Kalinga will spread like wild fire in the next few months — with the help ofcourse by the recently concluded Ramon Magsaysay awards.
    The beauty of the Philippines, above all else, is found in its people. And its about time that all Filipinos should realize we are nothing without each other.

  5. Hi Anton. It is amazing as to how your blog has transformed as I’ve been to follow its development, since it started. Congratulations to you and wish you the best in achieving your great vision. I think you should suggest a possible venue for one of our club eyeball soon.

  6. My contribution to your blog. Off course I will be forwarding your site to friends.
    By the way in case your friend has not known, he is in the cover of PAL Mabuhay with Leo and Pastor. I saw it in the Airbus today. I also saw his giant fotos at the TNF shop in SM Davao.
    โ€œIn the end, we realize that what we seek on the heights of the highest and the most distinct peaks we can find right here in the simplest and most ordinary things-in the glow of the sunlight in the air, in the aroma of bread in the oven, in the whisper of wind in the trees, in the touch of the person we love.โ€
    Bernbaum, Edwin, Sacred Mountains of the World. Berkeley and Los Angeles, California University of California Press, 1997

  7. Hi Anton —
    Been reading your blog, albeit inconsistently, over the past few months and this is the first time I’ve actually read about your motives behind starting Our Awesome Planet. Kudos to you!
    For my eco thesis, I did a paper on the benefits of increasing Phil tourism and the gains are incredibly substantial (read: multiplier effect) in terms of income, employment and output. I do hope you realize your dream — I believe that it is not only noble but ACHIEVABLE!

  8. hi anton,
    been reading your blog since last year and it has been a good source of information. my friends used to wonder why i never run out of new place to suggest everytime we would like to go out and dine or simply go out of town whenever the hustle and bustle of manila life is taking its toll on us. well that was when “our awesome planet” has been my best kept secret…now i have learned to share it with my local friends and my balikbayan friends alike..hahaha
    I say good luck and may God bless your noble endeavor ๐Ÿ™‚
    btw is your wife the sister of Christian Uy, Christian used to be my officemate at Caltex Philsโ€ฆnow Chevronโ€ฆ I saw him in one of your flicker photos and they look very much like each other ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. anton,
    a very inspiring dream of yours. yah! you’re right, everyone has their own everest. people continue to reach their goals, not trying to be stopped by failures and shortcomings. looking forward to your book, the travel agency and more…. all the best.

  10. I love the pictures i want to climb mt, everest when i grow up i always did and its a huge dream of mine thank’s

  11. i feel like i’m reading this for the first time. pero nbasa ko na pla dahil my comment nako sau noong 2006??? grrrr. i can’t remember.
    anyway. this is so inspiring. parang gsto ko na din tuloy magresign at maging photographer. haha! i wish i can afford that lifestyle. ๐Ÿ™‚ maybe one day. thanks anton. your blog makes me wanna wake up everyday. i’m always wondering kung may bago ka ng post. hehe. grabe 2006 mo pa pala ko fan. ๐Ÿ™‚
    GOD BLESS! i hope maging mas successful ka pa!

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