Sebastian’s Ice Cream @ Shepherd’s Staff, Mall of Asia


Ian Carandang’s Sebastian Ice Cream was heralded by Lori as the successor of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream in the Philippines. This has been on my blogging list for a few months now and I’ve got a few online friends (Spanx and Anna Ria) who rave about this ice cream. I’ve always wanted to visit Sebastian’s Ice Cream Studio in Alabang Town Center but time was not on my side. I’m glad that they opened a distribution point in Shepherd’s Staff in Mall of Asia. Actually, only people in the know would stop by this Christian and inspirational bookstore to eat Sebastian ice cream which was characterized by Lori in her post “Ian the Ice Cream Man” as enthralling complexity, gutsy tastes, and unusual combinations.

The Verdict: One can easily get addicted to this ice cream and I won’t look at any other ice cream when I’m in Mall of Asia. We tasted their Cookie Dough best seller and Mango Sansrival which have very generous serving of tasty chunks of its finest ingredient. It taste more like a cookie dough with ice cream rather than an ice cream with cookie dough ingredients. Same is true for the Mango Sansrival which my wife absolutely love. She even bought a slice of sansrival after a day because she was once again craving for that cake! How she adore eating that sooo sinful cake. Only thing is each scope costs P68 which is expensive for a scoop of ice cream even more higher than Better than Ice cream. Although one scoop was really enough for us to satisfy our craving for this because of the fullness of flavor of the ice cream.

This innocent christian bookstore serves the best ice cream in Mall of Asia. This is located in the North Parking of Mall of Asia in the ground floor besides the main gate of SM Supermarket.

Pick from 5 ice cream flavors from this bigger version of the Sebastian’s Ice Cream Menu.

Ok, this is not the most appealing way to serve the ice cream by scooping the ice cream inside a freezer.

Cookie Dough. Pure Vanilla Ice Cream with a blend of buttery cookie dough chunks, walnut bits, and sweet fudge chips.
Mango Sansrival. Butter-cream Ice Cream garnished with wafer clusters, cashews, and luscious mango swirls made with real fruits.

If the descriptions above are not enough to make you crave for this ice cream then I guess the inspirational atmosphere should be a good motivator for you to check this place out. Wouldn’t it be a great way to finish your meal with creamy ice cream along with reading a few paragraphs from the inspirational books in this store?

Just a word of caution, this bookstore also has a revive bar inside, we tasted the so called berry kiwi shake but it failed to meet our expectations. The use of the flavor syrup for the shake cannot beat the taste of real fruits.

There are a lot of Bo Sanchez books that you can read while you are having dessert including his latest one on “How to find your one True Love” 🙂

Shepherd’s Staff Bookshop
Location code 126 G/F North Parking Bldg
SM Mall of Asia
Single scoop P65, double P130

Sebastian’s Ice Cream is available at:
Hotstix Barbecue
1595 Quezon Ave.
Quezon City
413-8359 / 924-0815

Sebastian’s Ice Cream Studio
Alabang Town Center
Cinema Level
Single scoop P75, double P130

Good Earth Tea Room
Greenbelt 3, Makati
Metrowalk, Ortigas
Alabang Town Center

Olio Steak and Seafood Restaurant
Cebu City


6 thoughts on “Sebastian’s Ice Cream @ Shepherd’s Staff, Mall of Asia

  1. Will try this on my next trip to MOA. Hmm, why is the pricing diff for each store that offers this ice cream? 🙂

  2. hi anton! 🙂 because of you, i am finally going to mall of asia to dine in highlands steakhouse and try this ice cream. yum!!! these are both at the north wing? have no plans of walking around the whole place. just to go these 2 fab places. so we park at the north side right? 🙂
    where is this ice cream available in metrowalk? inside good earth tea room? thanks

  3. hi anton,
    this is quite an informative blog, such nice pics!! pero i have to disagree re sebastian’s ice cream.
    i tried it at Olio’s in Cebu…the waiter claimed it was foreign-made. At P150 per serving, it is one big rip-off!!! FIC is much better than this.

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