9/9- A Culinary Tour of Pampanga 2.0


9/6/06: LAST Call for all those who wants to join us in Pampanga. There would be slight chances in the itinerary but these trips are usually anything goes. Total damage might be P1,000-P1,500 depending on how many will be joining to share on the transpo costs. Pick up areas would be Makati and North Edsa.

Open Invitation to all foodies out there:


We loved it so much that we felt that we are just scratching the surface of the Kapampangan cuisine. Spanky again agreed to lead us to another food adventure on Sept. 9, Saturday and here is the tentative schedule:

Leave Manila at around 9/10am.
Take Nlex and exit San Fernando.
Razon’s Halo Halo at their original location in Guagua.
Check out Wood Carvers in Lubao Drive to Subic SBMA and have lunch at Meat Plus.
Take the Haribon Foundations’s GuBAT Biodiversity Conservation Education and Bat-tour
To make Ajay happy, Duty Free shopping in SBMA.
After Subic, drive to Sen. Lito Lapid’s legacy of the Megadike
Pasalubong shopping in San Fernando at Aurely’s Bakeshop for the sinfully rich Brazo de Mercedes “bars”
Pasalubong shopping at Pampanga’s Best & Tita’s Pasalubong
Finale Dinner at Everybody’s Cafe

There are already a few people who have confirmed to join so let me know if you want to join. Everybody is invited and the only requirement is that you need to be ready for a food marathon. Based on the first culinary tour experience, we would like to hire a van so that we can maximize the interaction and bonding in the car.

If you have any other suggestions on the itinerary, please let us know.

Brought to you by: Spanky Culinary Tours of Pampanga.


22 thoughts on “9/9- A Culinary Tour of Pampanga 2.0

  1. i’m from san fernando, and i suggest you eat dinner at Jun-Jun’s, their barbeque and bibingka are to die for. believe me. It’s located at mcarthur hi-way, dolores, san fernando, pampanga

  2. gigi,
    Gadzooks, Anton, we forgot to factor that in!!!
    actually wala pa, introductory offer pa lang. hahaha!
    SpanxTours will work that out soon…
    (gotta consult with mr. celdran on that one “,)
    as in the 1st trip,
    we just split expenses depending on what we individually eat,
    except in family style restaurants.
    i’ll e-mail Awesome Anton the cost estimates
    for all the food, toll fees, gas, etc.
    just watch out for it in his blog.
    yup, if we find intestinal and stomach space, JunJun’s BBQ, our very own version of Aristocrat, will be on the itinerary!!! my gosh… and that’s right next to A La Creme too. Wooohoooo!!!

  3. Hi Anton,
    I love Kapampangan food, especially the sisig at Aling Lucing’s near the riles (train tracks). But when I find myself in Angeles City, I make it a point to eat at C’ Italian Dining along Field Avenue, near Clark Airbase. The food, especially their panizza (it’s thin crust pizza you roll and eat with fresh arugula leaves, is divine. Chef Chris is also a very warm host. Here’s their website. http://www.citaliandining.com.

  4. You should pass by the Betis and Bacolor Church since you’re in the area. And don’t forget to buy tamales and puto seco from Cabalantian.

  5. hi anton, you might want to try going to apung jung(cant remember the selling). Its located in Guagua town proper. They sell great pasalubong!!! pasties galore…

  6. I felt bad about missing the first one, and now I can’t join the second either — I have plans for Saturday. πŸ™ It’s strange…different sets of friends have tried to plan a Pampanga food trip for years, yet it never pushes through. To think, my dad’s family’s from Pampanga, but I’ve tried almost none of their famous eateries! I do hope there’ll be a part 3, Anton? πŸ™‚
    Spanky, I think I’ve met you. Did you use to (still?) work with my dad? If you’re the same Spanky, then I met you during your company outing in Boracay, and my brother even went to Germany with you. Am I right? πŸ™‚

  7. hello ms. lagman!
    see you at Pampanga V.3!!
    the one and the same spanky here!
    i’ve returned to sti, actually.
    very recently,
    after a 5-year absence.
    i’m now running the nurse review/english proficiency company,
    sti-universal worker inc.
    i talked to your mom recently about some nursing stuff,
    and i see cabalen gus lagman all the time “,
    regards to eric!

  8. I knew it! Saw your picture from the last Pampanga tour in this blog and recognized you. πŸ™‚
    Anton, you have so many readers that your blog is connecting people…sort of like a Foodie Friendster? πŸ˜‰

  9. Anton, I gotta beg off. Sorry last minute. My DSL went dead last Tuesday and I’ve been trying to reach you by cell phone, the number on the biz card you gave me during the globe meet. Next time na lang. I gotta find some cafe tomorrow where the worldpass will work. Too mucg backlog. sorry.

  10. Hi everyone…I really love eating kapampangan food….I also had once had a friend invited me at a new resto in angeles near AUF school… The owner is a female chef…she cooks and own the resto….I ate Roast pork hanger which i felt i was like eating …roast beef…..The place is relaxing and comfortable…
    The name of the resto is Aku Gourmet Resto… i remember marisol highway and place….
    I would like to come back their soon but with hectic schedule…. here in cavite…. I would like to know when do you take the trips in Papanga so i could go back and eat kapampangan food…. filipino, international cuisine..masarap kasi…
    keep up the good work

  11. hi anton!! oh my sayang next time ull have another round of your pampanga tour let me know! i want to join πŸ˜€ ehhe ill drag claudette with me hehe

  12. you should try sussie’s cuisine..there’s one in san fernando. you should try their kakanin and their famous palabok
    also, there’s this place in angeles serving delicious sisig. mely’s.
    try it…

  13. Spanky!!
    I was searching for something or the other and I landed here and I remembered I still havent passed on my contact info to you thru Jun Mendoza. Well, while I’m here. You run a culinary tour! wow! Let me know when there’s a next one – i want to join. Like I always say – when in doubt eat.

  14. hi…do you have any wedding cakes you can recommend?if possible, please send me some quotations…and as much as possible, please send me pictures of each cake…
    thank you.. πŸ™‚
    i hope to hear from you…. πŸ™‚

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