Cupcakes by Sonja: Soft Opening


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Finally!!! Cupcakes by Sonja is opening. Don’t you wish it was already Thursday? Please say hi, if you happen to see me there.

Also, you might be wandering where have I been and have not been updating my blog. I don’t usually announce in my blog if I will be traveling outside the country with the hope that I can continue to blog. Unfortunately, I now realize that I need to go on blog leave. Anyway, I’ve been to London, UK and I can’t wait to post my experience. Watch out for it!

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13 thoughts on “Cupcakes by Sonja: Soft Opening

  1. I was wondering where you’ve been. Welcome back and I am looking forward to reading your UK post.
    In case you were’nt notified yet, there is a BlogCon event on Sept. 25;
    I wish I could be there but our trip home won’t be until Nov. 10..wrong timing.
    It would be a blast for all bloggers…

  2. hi anton, i can’t wait. i went there last sunday but it wasn’t open yet. i thought it would be since i read in christine’s blog that it had a soft opening last week. anyway, i’ll prolly be there on friday night.
    check out this hawaiian restaurant in serendra as well, love the atmosphere. it’s like islands in southern california. they great you aloha upon entering and mahalo upon leaving. the food though needs improvement. i’ll post about it soon.
    wow, london. i just discovered oasis hk airlines- the new budget airlines from hk to london. just blogged about it yesterday. only hk$1000!

  3. uh-oh! time to taste that cupcake!
    hope sonja will have enough supply to last from day to night since a lot has been waiting for her cupcakes!
    see you there anton!

  4. Hi Anton! Am curious to hear about your London adventures. I’m there 4x a year because of work and have had my share of culinary delights (and a few disappointments). Would like to hear if you’ve tried some of the places I’ve tried and all. Will await your post…

  5. wow, London, baby! Looking forward to your posts and pictures!
    Cupcakes by Sonja’s sounds sumptous…I know now from experience that when you say good, it’s REALLY good. Too bad it’s too far from where I live though. But if by any chance I find myself in that area, I’ll definitely drop by Serendra 🙂

  6. hi anton! i got an invite too and i’m itching to go, unfortunately – i might not be able to make it since i have work – sigh…
    i’m looking forward to reading your UK adventures!

  7. Went to Cupcakes by Sonja after work today. Ordered samples of every flavor they had today (flourless choco, choco surprise, vanilla, berries & cream, creme brulee, carrot cake). Had the flourless choco – to die for! Homey interiors. Can’t wait to try the other varieties. Thanks for the tip!!!

  8. I went back today as my hubby – and I – wanted some more. They had 3 more flavors: passionfruit, lemon drop and peanut butter. I also met Sonja and her mom, who recognized me from yesterday, and had a nice chat. Sonja was kind enough to give me a mini cupcake version of her pistachio cupcake. It was AMAZING so I told her to let me know once it becomes available on the menu. She’s very gracious and has a lovely space. Hope it does well.

  9. I dropped on Thursday night, they were running out of flavors, but got to try the carrot and the berries/cream (my favorite). While the size of the cupcakes don’t come close to the ones in my favorite bakeries in New York, flavor was very good. Will definitely go back to try the lemon and peanut butter.

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