Gary V– Still the best after 23 years!


You got to watch Gavy V @ 23 this coming Sunday on Channel 2 after Pinoy Dream Academy. This is one of the best Gary V concert that I’ve seen. We watched the last show last Sept. 8 and all the Gary V fans out there would agree that after 23 years, Gary V. still has that magic. There will also be a re-run in October in Music Museum, maybe you might want to catch that instead.

What I like about the show is that they used rectangular LCD panels to enhance the performances. I’ve seen this used also in musical broadway shows. In the particular photo above, the rectangular LCD screens transformed into large speakers as Gary and son, Gaby danced passionately to the song “Di Bale Na Lang.” This is only one of the attractions in the show and I’ll give you a sneak peek on this concert.

BTW, Let me know what you think after watching the concert this Sunday in TV.

I had a hard time capturing this photo, because of the bright lights from the video screens/ projector. But I’m glad I was able to capture this moment.

This was a cool treat from Gary singing “Huwag mo na Sana” with his daughter, Keana Valenciano as back-up vocals in the background video.

Gary serenading the crowd. This is one of the kilig moments and my wife wish that we bought the center tickets.

Gary and Gaby playing with techno music from their mac powerbook.

This was hilarious! Gary V imitating Martin and his facial expressions.

Booganda jamming with Gary V with the medley of Hataw na, Sayaweh, and Shout for Joy! This was fun and these band group is coincidentally from the pep squad of Lasalle Greenhills — Animo Lasalle!

Encore Song. Gary sings a dedicated to Kristine Hermosa who was celebrating her birthday, as requested by Diether Ocampo. They were seated in the middle so this is an incentive for buying those center aisle tickets.


9 thoughts on “Gary V– Still the best after 23 years!

  1. Where was this? I only ask because he has a concert here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on Sep. 24/06. My wife and I also watched Martin Nieverra last Saturday because we wanted to know who is better. Who do you think is better? Martin’s performance last Saturday will be hard to beat. He came up here, I think, as a warm up to his 1 yr gig in VEGAS.

  2. Ur ryt talaga anton! he’s still the best, will never ever get tired of watching his concerts over and over and over again.. Gary V. rocks!!

  3. anton your photos are great 🙂 may i know what camera you’re using. i’m really curious. your blog is now one of my fave 🙂
    just wanna share this -> the first concert ever that i’ve seen was when i was in kinder Gary V. had a concert in our school and i was there in front of the stage. he’s a total performer !!!

  4. We watched the Sept 1 show and Gary V. was awesome! The concert lasted for 3 hours and I think it was one of the best I’ve seen in years. My husband and I got lucky ‘coz we just went to Music Museum that night without any reservations and ended up getting 2 front row center tickets. Sayang, I didn’t bring a camera that night. The guy beside me, who was obviously a huge fan, took hundreds of shots. He even posed twice with Gary while he was sitting on the steps when he was singing. Try to catch the October shows. Super worth it!!

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