And the first Phil SEO Star is Gio! Congratulations!


Congratulations to Gio (Guy in red shirt) for winning the first ever Philippines SEO Contest for the term “Isulong seoPH”! Thanks to Marc, founder of SEO Philippines for taking the lead to make this contest a reality. Thanks also to lakeside technologies founder, Boris for supporting the event and for the free food during the awarding night in Pier 1 last Saturday.

Nice to meet all of you guys! Check out the pictures during last Saturday’s event.

And the winner is… 1st Prize – Gio of

“Magaling lang talaga akong spammer… ” — 1st Prize winner, Gio of

2nd Prize – Whin Clores of

3rd Prize – Rostum Hernandez of

4th Prize – Zaldy Dalisay of

5th Prize – J. Angelo Racoma of

Find the nametag Ice Breaker

SEO Specialist from CEBU!

Wilson Chua, One of the Sponsors with J. Angelo, Tech Evangelist

Mr. SEO Phils, Marc Macalua cheers! Congratulations for a success Awards Nights!

13 thoughts on “And the first Phil SEO Star is Gio! Congratulations!

  1. Isulong SEOPH Winners

    Sorry for the late post. Sunday I was too exhausted to move and PLDT myDSL was being its old sucky self again. Monday, I was out mourning (don’t ask). So before you all believe this poor lost soul, here are the winners for the Isulong SEOPH keyword ran…

  2. Hi Anton!
    Just to clarify your pic with heading “SEO Specialist from CEBU!”.. I might be mistaken as being from Cebu. The lady in the brown blouse (mia) is from CEBU. The rest of the gang there, including me (guy in blue shirt) is from Manila.

  3. Isulong SEOPH Winners

    SERP Chaos. One of the icebreakers had people scrambling to find the holder of their name card. 3 winners brought home Google caps courtesy of Neuron. Pic respectfully stolen from Anton’s album.
    Sorry for the late post. Sunday I was too exhausted …

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