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“Finally, Our Awesome Planet, a blog maintained by Anton Diaz (who, like his peers, balances blogging with a day job) offers a little more diversity in its entries. Not only does he preview the newest restaurants in the country, but he also provides personal insights on concerts, spas and local tourist destinations. Plus you get to see pictures of his cute kid, which is part of Anton’s plan to ‘redesign’ his blog to include families as his main target audience.” – Paolo Sia, Bah Bah Blog, (Oct. 5, 2006), Click the

Thanks to for featuring us (OAP with dessertcomesfirst and Market Manila) ! I consider this an honor since we know that is the undisputed online magazine in the Metro. This is what I love about blogs or online magazines. We love each other (even if we haven’t seen one another) and you wouldn’t find us competing negatively with each other. There is no feeling of I need to be no. 1 or I can beat this other blog. I’m happy to see that there is no crab mentality in the online space. In fact, I would argue we need to have wysgal’s rantsandraves to be part of that list!

I think the formula to become a successful blog is: Personal Advocacy + Unique Personality + Writing in your own voice = Your own Blog Niche. You cannot compare the blogs since each of us has different passions, hobbies and interest. Although, I need to work on the equity of my blog. I want my blog to stand for “The Best of the Island Paradise of the Philippines” or “Capturing the pinoy word of mouth raves.” When I get featured this is one of the things I check if I get my message or equity across. Apparently, I still need to do some more work on that aspect. Maybe, I should put up a Philippine Flag in my blog. Any suggestions?

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