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Finally, we were able to taste the best Mango Torte in Manila. I got oriented on what a Torte should look and taste like. Frankly, I don’t know what a Torte is and how is it different from a cake. Apparently, when you say Torte it would have the following characteristics: it is used to describe a round cake, it has large amounts of nuts to replace flour, and it has several layers of cream and fruit.

Everybody would agree that the best part of Dulcelin’s cakes are the cashew-based nougatine that is crunchy despite its thin weave composition. The generous scoops of Mango balls are frozen. I would prefer to eat mango not in its frozen state so we got mixed reactions on this depends on your preference. We should try the strawberry shortcake next time which also have the same addicting cashew-based nougatine. I heard that their Strawberry shortcake was the best seller instead of the Mango Torte.

BTW, when we visited Dulcelin in Times. St. in West Triangle, we were looking for a dessert cafe but we were surprised that it was just a house.

The box is simply chinese red which reminds me of a red ribbon box for some reason. You can feel that the entire box was put in the freezer because of its coolness and perspiring cardboard sides.

Check out the several layers of Cream, frozen Mango, Cream and then the Nougatine Layer. This was a refreshing dessert for me since I this is my first education on Torte. I’m glad that they did not increase their prices ever since last year. Here are the prices:

Dulcelin’s mango torte (P700/12” · P480/9”)
Strawberry Cake (P900/9”)

We were looking for a cafe but this was the only Dulcelin sign that greeted us. I was laughing with my wife when we arrived at Dulcelin 🙂 BTW, usually you can drop by and buy the Mango Torte any time of the day (except during after a typhoon milenyo — which we did the first time). For the other cakes, you need to order in advance.

Dulcelin Gourmet Mango Torte
Tel# +632 374-2165, + 632 374-21 67
#36 Times St. West Triangle, Quezon City

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24 thoughts on “Dulcelin’s Mango Torte

  1. Dulcelin also has a stall at Tiendesitas, along C5 in Pasig – just in case some of you readers don’t find it convenient to go all the way to West Triangle, Quezon City. It’s located in the Delicacies Village. I like the mango torte – but preferably after it’s thawed a bit. It’s easy to get brain freeze from cakes such as this. =P I also hear that Dulcelin makes a mean pulled pork sandwich, available by order. I got a copy of their menu and saw some interesting savory items: hickory smoked US beef or pork belly, US black angus roast beef with shiitake mushroom gravy, blackened fish fillet with dirty rice…

  2. Just read on their menu – they also have a Makati branch at Tea Republic, Pacific Star Building – which I believe is on Buendia corner Makati Avenue?

  3. I bought a Dulcelin torte at their Tiendesitas branch and I wasn’t very happy … tasted like it had been kept in the freezer a few days. The crust was soggy and the mangoes weren’t very sweet. Personally I still prefer Tony Cuerva’s. =)

  4. it was okay i guess..but i found the torte to be too sweet for my liking. i agree with wysgal that some of the mangoes weren’t sweet at all (is it supposed to be anyway) and even leaning on the sour side. likewise, i prefer my slice to be thawed out first because my teeth hurt when i tried to bite into those frozen slices…maybe its forzen because it’s best preserved that way..i don’t know.. hope there was a middle ground though … 🙂

  5. At home, when we’re too impatient to thaw out mango torte, we pop a slice in the microwave for a few seconds. Not the best way to get things done, but it prevents brain freeze. =)

  6. When they first started, you wouldn’t be able to get a mango torte without ordering first. i used to give this in parties instead of the usual cake. But, unfortunately, as they got popular, the quality seems to have deteriorated a bit.
    I heard their pulled pork–made by the brother–was out of this world. Haven’t tried it yet though

  7. This might be a bit off, but when you mentioned strawberry shortcake, I instantly remembered the one in Shortcrust. It’s inside a music studio/school called Academy One in Pque. (Sorry it’s far, I’m from the south =)) Anyway, they use a lot of fesh strawberries as layers and even on top for garnish! But it’s only available when strawberries are in season. The icing isn’t too sweet and the spongecake melts in your mouth.

  8. Hey guys! There’s a nice write-up about Anton in today’s issue of Transit. See if you can still get a free copy. The article says that 2,000 people follow Anton’s blog daily. Hope this number increases!

  9. Hi this is Ricky from Dulcelin. Firstly, we’d like to thank Anton for the favorable review he gave us. We indicated in the box that the mango torte is best served slightly thawed, which generally means that it be left out for between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your preference on how soft the mangoes should be. Once thawed, it should not be refrozen nor kept in the chiller, so it’s best just to cut out what you’re going to consume and leave the rest in the freezer.
    We do try our best to make sure that the mangoes are sweet, but we sometimes don’t get it right. It’s harder to get good mangoes during the rainy season, and we do ripen our own mangoes to avoid the kalburo problem. As for the soggy crust, that is an issue of poor freezing temperatures (not cold enough), and generally not the length of time the product has been in the freezer. If not kept at a cold enough temperature, the whipped cream liquefies and tends to make the crust soggy. Power problems in Tiendesitas might have caused this, and we’re willing to replace Wysgal’s mango torte at no cost. I hope she’s willing to give us another try. The mango torte is a temperamental dessert, requiring an unbroken cold chain similar to ice cream, and this has caused us some problems that we hope to resolve soon.

  10. Luan: God bless you for mentioning Shortcrust! It’s one of BF Pque’s best kept sweets secrets. It’s on Aguirre Street. We really love their pandan cake, especially when just taken out of the ref. The pandan cream frosting’s firmer so it feels more like ice cream than icing. Yum. My family’s from the south and I’ve moved to Pasig so they always order it for me as an incentive to visit them. Ha ha.

  11. notsolillulu: You’re right! Shortcrust is one of the best kept sweet secrets of BF. I loved munching on their Russian Walnuts too while waiting for my class there. Have you tried the various dining places in BF? Actually almost all are in Aguirre st. They keep on opening new establishments, inc. spas, bakeshops, bars. So there’s more reason to visit your family. Hehe =)

  12. Luan: Grabe, even on President’s Avenue, there’s quite a few interesting places that have cropped up. My sisters told me to try Funnel Cake Factory – especially the one topped with mangoes. There’s a surprisingly very good Japanese resto on Aguirre, close to Carlo’s Pizza, but the name escapes me now. I also like the breaded porkchops at A.C. Rumpa and the laksa noodles at this Singaporean/Malaysian food stall at the Ruins Night Market. Any other recommendations? I’m sooo overdue for a visit to my family. I’ve never even eaten at Westgate!

  13. I was able to sample both the Dulcelin mango torte and Tony Cuerva’s. They’re similiar because they’re mango tortes but the difference lies in the crust. I find Tony Cuerva’s nuttier and Dulcelin more – caramel candy-ish. I prefer Dulcelin because I’m not fond of nuts. As to the mango’s sweetness – I think it is overpowered by the crust.
    Ricky – why don’t you try getting mangoes from Sungee – they have sweet mangoes all year round.. 🙂

  14. Didi: We used to get all our mangoes from Sungee, and I do agree they have good mangoes. However, they do not produce mangoes consistently the whole year round, and since we produce mango tortes on a weekly basis, we needed to find more reliable suppliers. We now get our supplies mostly from mango exporters who can handle our demand. During summer, we also use Batungbakal mangoes from Zambales, which we think represent the best of Philippine mangoes.
    In really tight situations, we’ve had to purchase ripe mangoes from fruit vendors in different areas, including SM Hypermart. Purchasing ripe mangoes is very risky, due to the rampant use of kalburo to hasten ripening and make the skin more attractive. We ripen most of our mangoes, and the few instances wherein we’ve had to buy ripe mangoes is usually the time we had the most complaints. We normally get the ripeness right, but when processing hundreds of kilos of mangoes, a few sour ones sometimes get past us.

  15. Hey guy, give Dulcelin a break, each person has it’s own opinion about how they find the mango torte cake, but i think Dulcelin won’t be “the talk of the town” if they don’t make one of the best cake di ba? Can’t be perfect all the time, but still super yummy – melt in your mouth parin. Guys in Dulcelin keep up the good work and keep those sweet cakes coming.

  16. I was given a Mango Torte by a friend and I am so happy It was from Dulcelin and it really taste awsome, this is the best one!

  17. Hi! Would Dulcelin cater to create a wedding cake/torte (fruit-based)? If so, who can be contacted for more details?

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